DIY Reed Diffuser: Make Natural Incense for Home


Make your own reed diffuser to keep your home, rooms, living room and porch smell pleasant natually. Though the market has many incense like sandalwood, hem and lemon grass yet there is nothing that can beat the scent coming out of reed diffuser.

Rattan Reed Diffuser

You only need to spend five minutes to make these reed diffuser and it would fun to make it yourself. You need to have all the materials first to make it. More importantly a glass jar is needed because you need to make a reed diffuser inside it.

  1. Buy a diffuser jar first it can be of any size, width and length. Now add any essential oil, it could be lavender pil, baby oil or coconut oil. If you are using normal oil, use a few drops of aromatic oil such as cedar wood or lagunamoon or anything that you love.
  2. You must fill the diffuser vase with at least 3.5 ounce of carrier oil.
  3. Now add almost 7 sticks of rattan reed into the reed diffuser vase.

That’s it. You have just make one reed diffuser yourself, there is no timing or no alarm like you find on an electric diffuser. It will simply work on its own accord, for countless hours, oozing fresh scent to make the your home smell pleasant, refreshing and beautiful.

5 minute diy reed diffuser
rattan reed diffuser

Homemade reed diffuser

From the tutorial above you have learned that you must need a vase, a glass container or a ceramic container. You need to make sure that the glass or ceramic diffuser is properly sealed or glazed because you don’t wish for the mixture to leak on the table.

Choosing the essential oil is totally up to you. There’s no one specific oil that you need for the reed diffuser. Most people use lavender and eucalyptus.  However, you will love to include rose, roman chamomile, Hyssop,Myrrh, Vetiver, and grapefruit in the collection as well.

Do not use patrolling based products whenever making a homemade reed diffuser.  Use any carrier oil like coconut oil, safflower oil and almond oil.

You will need reed diffuser sticks for the vase, there are plenty of choices and options. Jecnovo, wood rattan reed, pumpkin and bamboo reed sticks. Choose any flavor and scent that you like.

  1. First create a blend of oil base with the essential oil in the container or glass reed diffuser jar. Make sure the neck of the jar is narrow or else the liquid will evaporate really fast. If you are using 30% any essential oil, use at least 70% of carrier oil.
  2. You need only a few drops of aromatic or essential oil, don’t add more than what’s needed for making your reed diffuser.
  3. If you are not using carrier oil then you need to add 14 drops of essential oil in the water. Mix the mixture well and add some vodhka to bind the water to the essential oil. It will help your reed diffuser in its operation.
  4. Now pour the mixture into the vase and add the reed sticks in the vase.
  5. Allow some time for the sticks and mixture to saturate.
  6. Take off the diffuser sicks and turn them upside down.

There’s nothing complicated to understand when it comes to making homemade reed diffuser. You need some materials, essential oil along with the reed diffuser sticks to evaporate a nice scent throughout your home.

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