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Not all homes have space for big shoe entry benches that feature racks and cabinets for shoe storage.

Time is changing now, now you can use shoe stands and boxes for sorting out your winter boots and daily footwear in your home. In order to keep your home free of clutter, you need to make use of the storage boxes and containers. If you do not have big wardrobe with shoe stands, there are many other ways for you to keep everything in order.

Acrylic Storage Boxes

You can buy sets of acrylic and plastic shoe storage containers, they come in different sizes. You can pack one pair of stiletto heels in one plastic container. If you want your leather shoes to be cleaned and protected for long time, use shoe storage boxes that come with lid.

Practical Shoe Storage Ideas

Stackable Shoe drawer

Plastic Shoe Boxes

You can put one pair of your footwear in one box and put a label on it. For example, if you have packed your fur boots in one storage container, you can put a sticker on it and name it something you can remember.

You can stack up the containers over the shoe storage racks in the right order. It would help you keep the walk in closet free of clutter and junk.

Practical Shoe Storage Ideas

Well Organized Shoe Racks in Walk In closet

Concealed Shoe Organization

You can align the pair of shoes side by side in wicker baskets or fabric storage bins. You can buy these bins in plenty from stores these days. Foldable shoe storage bins can hold up to one pair at a time.

The second idea is to keep those bins under ottoman or under bed. You can find ottoman with secret storage compartments underneath everywhere these days.

Wooden Rack with peg

Another idea is to install a wooden rack on any wall and use pegs to hang the same pair of shoes side by side. However, when you install storage rack, make sure to choose a place which is concealed. You do not want your guests to see this part of your home, so better store your shoes in the basement or in store room whatever is more comfortable for you.

DIY PVC Shoe Storage Tubes

You can use plastic and pvc pipes, cut theme in the same size and stack them up together for making tiny tubes. Use these shoe storage tubes for storing multiple pairs at a time. You can integrate this DIY storage shelves in your kid’s room as well.


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