DIY Small Vegetable Garden Ideas. Growing Organic Food Yourself


It is fun to plant and grow fresh vegetables in the backyard, front porch or near the building/property where you reside. Though, almost all sorts of vegetables are sold on the super market these days yet there is nothing like homegrown fresh veggies.

In my opinions, homegrown or organic vegetables taste way better than the ones you buy from the market.  Vegetable gardening is so much fun when you have passion and dedication. Kill your time productively growing colorful and healthy vegetables in the garden. It will cut down on the monthly expenses related to grocery food shopping as well.

For growing vegetables in your outdoor garden, you might need some raised planter boxes, pesticides, seeds, gardening tools and some bug repellent. It is a common sense that most veggies grow better during summer time, you can make the most of the warm days doing gardening outdoor.



1.  Gardening In raised Gardening Bed

Allocate a bed for each herb or vegetable. Some vegetables take so much space to grow such as spinach. You might need additional space for growing the ones that outgrow with leaves.

Image via: Garden beds and Gardening idea

2. Allocate Space

Allocate your garden space for vegetables of different sizes. You won’t want to occupy the entire backyard with vegetables, plants and herbs. You need some space for furniture arrangements, so save some and allocate the rest for gardening.

See the full Tutorial at: U shaped raised bed

3. Multi-tiered raised Garden Boxes

This gardening strategy works well for growing herbs like sage, rosemary and basil. These herbs need only small amount of space and some light to grow.

Tutorial at: Growing food in Urban garden

4. Checkered Concrete Block

Use concrete and cement block for making attractive gardening section. The checker or chess garden gives you a square shaped space for growing a small-sized herb or vegetable. For instance, in one checker you can grow coriander, in other any other herb.

Image via: Checkerboard Garden

5. Drum Garden Boxes

These are waist high boxes to plant and grow your vegetables. They make your food easily accessible, you will not have to bend over the floor for picking or plucking the vegetables.

Tutorial at: 55 gallon barrel drums

6.DIY gutter Garden

Do you not have enough space for vegetable gardening? Use gutter garden boxes for growing vegetables and greens of your choice.

7. Spiral Gardening

8.  Planter Boxes for Different Plants and Vegetables

You can place one raised box and use wooden divider to make different sections for your plants/vegetables.

9.  Pyramid Trellis for Vegetable Gardening

Image via: DIY tomato gardening

10. Pallet for Gardening Bed

Tutorial at: DIY pallet Garden

11. DIY metal Troughs for Vegetable Gardens

Tutorial at: From grass to gardening        Image via: Raised garden beds

12. Vegetable Gardening Plan

Make a good plan as how to grow vegetables within raised beds. And how much area would be needed to grow a particular type of plant or food in the garden.


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