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1: Wooden Crate Table

This is the easiest yet very elegant idea to decorate your porch. To make this you will need an old wooden crate, paints, and small plants. First paint the wooden crate with white pastel paint and let it dry. White crate is the best way to bring attention to your porch. Now you can use as a table or you can place a potted plant inside it and decorate it like this. You can make your porch look attractive by just adding a simple DIY  wooden crate table.

Diy decorated wooden crate for porch decor

2: Hand Painted welcome sign for Porch Decor

You can welcome your guests to your porch by just adding a hand painted welcome sign and hanging it at the door. This simple project will take an hour to make it. To make this you will need a wood panel and mason jar. Hang the wooden panel and the mason jar on the entrance and secure the metal jar with the clamp. Color the jar and to give it a great look add some blooms to your jar and your beautiful welcoming planter is ready.  DIY Front door wooden signs for gardens and patios.

Diy porch wooden signs

3: DIY Hanging rain gutters for Garden Decor

To make this you will need vinyl gutter, three sets of vinyl gutter end caps, spray paint, metal brackets and rope. First, cut the gutters, and paint them. You can use any bright color that matches with the decoration of your porch. Now tie the knots at the end of long ropes, and hang them from the brackets. Drill the holes in your planter and slide the rope through them and tie the rope. Add more planter in the same way as mentioned above. Now trim the rope ends, fill the planter with dirt and add your favorite plants, and water them. Your hanging rain gutter is readied to give your porch a beautiful look. Learn how to make DIY hanging rain gutter planters for your porches and gardens.

Diy rain gutter planters for porch decor

 4: DIY decorative bird cages for Spring Porch Decor

This is an easy and simple way to decorate your porch in spring. To make this you will need an old bird cage and white, or yellow paints. Paint the bird cages. Now add few flowers, and a tiny bird decoration to the bird cage. Now hang this beautiful bird cages In your porch to instantly brighten up your porch. As we know that birds are epitome of spring so bird cages are the best way to brighten up your porch in spring season.  DIY Decorative bird cages for your spring gardens, porches and yards. These cages look very well for spring porch decorations.

01 diy spring porch decor


For this, take a pot and sand its surface to let go off the eroded paints. Now, apply two coats of  spray primer. Once they dry, spray each with two to three coats of Krylon paint. Now that the pots have dried once again, use white latex paint as well as my paint from pouncers for the polka dots.

Then, apply a coat of polyurethane sealer. Once this is done, cut out of the designed label of the address by using the outdoor grade adhesive vinyl through the Silhouette. Once the embellishing is done, the stacked planter is made. The pot can now be filled by Asparagus fern, spike plants and other such plants. Your DIY polka dotted Tiered Planters are ready for your spring porch.

02 tired planter for porch decor


For this, you will need the house number, fauxx grass, ¾” wood, 2.5” screws, glue, paint. Construct a box of your designated dimensions. This varies with the size of house number but what is preferred size would be width of 3” x10” (2), length 3” x20” (2) and the base of 10” x8.5.” Glue it from the sides and bottom and nail it from strength. This would be a great for DIY spring garden decorations.

Now that the box has been constructed, use wood filler to sand of the nail sides and paint it according to your color. Now, use glue to place the grass in the surface of the box and let it dry. Arrange the house number on the grass and screw it. By using hangers, place it on the back of the box so, it can stand on the wall. Learn how to make DIY modern house numbers for gardens and yards.

Diy wooden house numbers front porch decor

 7:DIY Milk can makeover

Use an old milk can model this. You need to make sure that the milk can is cleaned with TSP which can be found at hardware stores. Now design the specified logo on your computer with specifics, print, and make a sticker out of it. Now using the crackle spray paint, your design should look something which makes a cracked design on your sign. Using two coats of the base and waiting one hour, make sure it crackles in an hour. Now use ribbon or anything that can cover the can from above. You can change the ribbons with changing weathers.  Learn how to do garden decor with DIY milk can.

Diy spring porch decor


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