DIY Succulent Terrariums. How to Make Miniature indoor Garden and Green Landscapes


If gardening has been your greatest passion of all time and you wish to connect with nature and its beauty, indoor landscapes can be created in form of succulent terrariums. These mininature plant landscapes can freshen up the interior of space with their tiny-sized plants and beautiful decorations.

Gone are the days when you have to buy fresh flowers for your vases everyday. These days, Glass terrariums are so popular because they are easy to build and easy to maintain compared to flowers which might die if you do not take care of them. You can keep these tiny sized glass centerpieces in any part of your home; they can be adorned on the kitchen window sills, on coffee end table of living room, and on front porches. You can even stack several tiny sized succulent terrariums on a storage shelf of kitchen where they can get some light and air.

Reasons to Keep Terrariums Indoor

There are several reasons why you should keep a glass or plastic plant terrarium inside your house. Some common reasons are illustrated below.

  • Plants are a way to connect with the nature. If you live in a small apartment without garden, porch or backyard; you can at least have some indoor mini green terrariums to connect yourself with beautiful nature in the little way possible for you. It is possible for you to pair these small succulent planters with some herb and vegetables containers, they can be placed together in a balcony space. Most apartments have balconies these days. You can even make a small vertical garden in the smallest nook of your house which gets sunlight. Use it for growing culinary herbs, vegetables and some organic fruits.
  • Succulent terrariums whether plastic or glass, opened or close, do not take or need much of space in the room. They are easy to store on the kitchen or living room windows. However, do not expose them to extreme sunlight because these plants need just some light to grow. If you keep them under the sun light for hours, the heat may get trapped inside glass and cause bad effect on your succulents. In worse cases, your plants would be scorched, wither and die due to extreme heat exposure. Some succulent terrariums can be placed in the light though, it depends on which plants you have put in the glass.
  • It does not take a lot of money to build and set up one DIY succulent glass terrarium or mini green landscape for your rooms or kitchens. You just need some activated charcoals, some decorative materials such as stones, pebbles, and pearls in addition to succulent plants and moss. You can scrooge through your home for any old glass vessel, mason jar, fish bowl, vase or container or buy one from the market.
  • Indoor succulent terrarium landscapes do not require to be maintained. They need little to no light and very small amount of water occasionally to grow healthy.

Plants to Choose for Terrariums

If you are wondering what succulent plants are good for indoor landscape, mininature gardens or glass terrariums here are some names to make your selection an easy task; East Indian Holy fern, starfish flower, cactus, friendship plant, water melon peperomia, golden clubmoss, spiderwort, and baby tears plants. These are not the only plants you can choose, there are many other succulents you can put in glass for making mini indoor gardens. However, these are the most common ones and low maintenance you can choose to have.

How to Make a Succulent Terrarium?

It is very easy to make and set up a nice mininature green landscape or succulent terrarium for indoor decoration. You would need the following material.

  1. Glass container, vessel, jar and bowl with or without lid
  2. Activated charcoal
  3. Stones, pebbles, river rocks
  4. Succulents like cactus or aloe
  5. Soil according to the plant you wish to grow
  6. Gloves

Steps for setting up Succulent Terrarium

Wash your glass or plastic plant container with warm water and let it get dry in natural air. You can use a rag for making it dry.

Put some pebbles, stones, river rocks and decorative items you have at the bottom of the container or vessel.

Add some activated charcoal over the stones and pebbles, do not add more than it takes to make the container half fill. This is to for creating false drainage for water.

Add some moss over and put the plants over it. You should not overcrowd the container with lots of succulents at at once.

Just put it anywhere in your home and remember to water it once in a while.


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