DIY Wine Rack Projects and Designs. Some DIY racks to Build Yourself.


DIY Wine Rack made of pallet

Small pallet, screws, glue, sandpaper, and some carpentry tools are all requirements to make this. If you have the vital things available at your place, then you can make it without any expenditure of money. This DIY Pallet Wine rack can store one bottle and two glasses at a time.

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DIY Walnut Stained Wine Rack

Make an ordinary DIY walnut Stained rack by using a pallet and then give it an extraordinary look. This DIY project is focused on exposing details of the texture to the one who sees it. And of course, you will get a lot of space to store your bottles.

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DIY Triangular Wine Rack

Triangular Wine rack is unique, and the good thing is that you can make it by using pallets. After completing the structure, it can be mounted on the wall (if you like it to be).

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DIY Milk Crate Wine Rack

Use an old milk crate that you got from the dairy to make it. Adjust to fix the metal racks inside. After doing these two things, use mount brackets to fix DIY Milk wine racks on the wall ready to provide their service.

DIY Wine Rack using old Bed Springs 

Got broken springs from your old, broken mattress? Make a wine rack of them. Get a sleek copper pipe and then solder the old springs on. It is easy to make and less time consuming as well, and also it will cost you nothing.

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DIY Film Reel Wine Rack

Make a classic Hollywood décor. Use an old film reel to do DIY film reel rack for wines. You can get the film reel on eBay, Amazon, or other online stores if you are not having one. There can be variation in the price of the film reel.

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DIY Dresser Wine Rack 

Convert an old dresser into a DIY dresser rack design . Use the drawers of the dresser to store the bottles (you will probably find enough space). You can also get the work of a bar counter from it, just modify the top, and that’s it.

Build wine rack designs yourself diy racks (3)

DIY Wood and Leather Wine Rack 

Use birch plywood, dowels, and a piece of leather to make this. Sew the leather pieces on the dowels and then stick it to the plywood. That’s enough work to make a wine rack out of wood and leather to store four bottles.

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DIY Copper Wine Rack

Make a geometrical shape of the copper tubing such that it has enough space in between so you can fit your bottles in it with ease. If you have copper tubes which can be modified then this DIY copper rack plan will cost you nothing; otherwise, you may have to buy them.

Diy wine rack plans (1)

DIY Farmhouse style Wine Rack

A tabletop Modular Glass wine rack that fits to be called a rustic wine rack, having the ability to store three bottles can be made by you. It is so inexpensive that you can get the required wood from scrap.


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