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If you tired of finding the space for your DVD collection which is too huge. You should resort to small DVD storage solutions that take less space. If you use the right DVD storage solution you can organize your media, DVDs and CDs of all your favorite movies, music and shows in one place .

Smart DVD Storage Solution

There are tons of smart DVD storage ideas for you that would be beneficial for you. Some people just take off the CDS and DVDs out from their cases and put them in the cardbox containers to save them elsewhere in the storage or basement.
If you decide to take DVDs cases and CDs cases off, you may use some media cabinets, some drawers, or large sized storage baskets for keeping the CDs and DVDs safe and secure in one place.

Do not Stack CDs and DVDS Instead Use Storage Racks, Cabinets and Shelves

Well I have seen that many people stack up the DVDs along with their cases behind the TV stand or TV wall units. Modern TV wall units come with entertainment storage cabinets that can be used for the purpose. The problem is that you cannot store all of your DVD collection or CD collection within media cabinets or drawers due to their limited sizes.
I personally believe that stacking the DVDS and CDs is just a bad idea because it makes a big clutter behind the Television unit even if you have a large space. The clutter just messes up the decor and aesthetic. You can instead use the following DVD storage ideas in order to organize all of your shows.

DVD Storage Bookshelf:

You can recyle a wooden bookshelf or rack and turn in into a DVD storage shelf. You can do stack all the DVDS that you have them in the right order and arrange them year wise, program wise or show wise whatever you feel better.
Ladder bookshelves can be repurposed easily, it can be mounted on the walls for making horizontal DVD racks or cabinets.

Plastic and PVC DVD storage bags

I just love how you can simply put in everything inside the plastic bags and zip them off. They can be tucked anywhere in the home safety. You can buy as many as Plastic DVD storage bags from the market and save your collection without fear of losing them.
The storage bags keep your DVDS and CDS protected within the zipper bag and keep it from catching dirt and dust. However, the idea may not work well if you have a DVD collection of 1000s of DVDs which cannot be put in the plastic bags. Even if you buy hundreds of the storage bags you would not be able to store and save them all.

Free Standing DVD storage Cabinets

Free standing cabinets are made of wood like cedar, oak and cherry wood. About any wooden storage cabinets would be perfect for storing and saving your DVDs. You can stack up CDS and DVDS in any order with the wooden storage cabinets without any fear of losing.
The width of the cabinets do matter if you want to store your DVDS with their cases. The cases may need some space too, so go for the free standing shelving unit that is made for storing office files because it can work well.However, any office style storage shelving unit would also need a place, so figure out where to place it.

Organize your DVD Collection

You can use storage baskets as well, they are normally bigger in size as compared to DVD storage bags and containers. However, you need to arrange your collection first. I have a big collection of Music DVDs on my favorite band like Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilot and System of the Down. I love rock, alternative rock and grunge, I have also very old documentaries in my possession so here is what I do.
Put all the old documentaries in the DVD storage baskets and arrange them year wise. I use a slip sometimes for mentioning the names of the DVDs I store inside and tape the slip over the basket cover. You can put the slip inside of the basket whatever is comfortable for you.

DVD/CD/BLURAY/Video Storage Organizer Shelf

For storing big collection of DVDS, CDs, Blu-ray, Videos and any other sort of multimedia that you have you can simply buy multimedia storage racks and shelves. They can hold DVD, CD, blue-ray and videos in big number because they have multi-tiered shelving rack system to showcase anything you want.
DVD storage towers are also the best, they are made with either wood or aluminum or steel. They have multi tired storage racks to support you with your DVD and CD organization. You can store everything with their cases.

Nestable Storage Organizers

Nestable DVDs storage organizing racks are for entertainment units. You can put in some DVDs and Videos on them, stack them up, and put them beside the television. They are good for displaying small collection of DVDs on the coffee table or side table.

Rotatable DVD storage organizer

I love these ones that rotate to 180 degrees or 360 degrees, they are made of oak, steel, walnut, or cherry or any other material that makes them durable. You can store up to 500 or more DVDs and organize your CDs as well or anything you have that needs to be stored and organized.

Spinning Multimedia Storage Units

They are so famou CD and DVD storage units among those who have a colossal amount of multimedia collection. Any big number of DVDs, BLU-RAY, Videos and CDS can be stored on the spinning storage units. You can access almost all the multimedia by rotating the unit from all the angles.


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