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Epoxy resin wood tables are quite famous these days; live edge resin river tables can spruce up any area of home, living room, bedroom and dining room.

Resin river bed tables are made on different types of wooden materials, they give an impression of artistic agate slices. However when colors are used and resin painted are poured on table top, the designs of tables come alive and aesthetically pleasing for eyes.

Epoxy tables can be decorated with one or multi colors resin paints for making a river waves, custom patterns, artistic painting effect. Some wood workers love to add crystals, beads, rhinestones and decorative materials on the table top for beautifying it furthermore.

DIY Resin Table Ideas

You can use wooden, resin paints and epoxy for making decorative resin tables yourself. There is nothing so complicated that you cannot understand and do. You just need some tools along with wooden for your DIY epoxy table projects.

Here are some ideas for you.

Resin and wood coffee table plan. This is so simple to make. The article illustrated how you can make one piece of table with ease by using acrylic and table top epoxy resin.

Another tutorial that I like the most is DIY resin river table,   It is constructed with English Yew with a waney edge, truculent tints and clear resin colors.

Another one is made with good quality material and I love how simple the design is and how glossy the top looks. Here is a tutorial on Epoxy River table with wood; the design is extravagant, clean, and exotic. He used liquid and metallic pigments in blue/turquoise, soft mallet and wood chisels.

Glitter Resin Table

Dark Resin and glitter side end table decorated with flowers. Glitter is coated over dark resin in order to create luxury table top feel. source

Slice wood log Resin Table

Nothing too complicated here . The wooden table can be adorned with any resin pattern and designs.


Tree Root Pattern Epoxy Resin Table

It is amazing how beautiful roots and veins of tree are etched on the pattern of this epoxy wood table.

River Rock Embedded In Resin Table

I absolutely love this design as how river rocks are embedded under tabletop on this epoxy resin table. To beautify the designer furthermore the designer uses lighting to enhance the furniture design. This river table can be a good addition in any part of home.

Live Edge Three Tiered Side End Table

This epoxy resin table is small in sized, it may fit to any small spaced room decoration as well or it can be placed in living room. Three tired live edge resin table would be a good storage solution for any room as well, you may decorate it with centerpieces or use it for storing books, candles and magazines.

Tropical Theme Epoxy countertop table

This epoxy countertop table is very much suitable for tropical, ocean and beach living room/bedroom decoration. It is embedded with sea shells, river rocks and decorative tropical items. It is very much customisable as well.

Live Edge Epoxy Resin office table with waterfall tabletop

Glass table has been decorated with epoxy top, it is suitable for home office and commercial office room decoration. I love how wooden top has a waterfall structure on one side.

Purple Resin River table

This is a great resin accent table in round shape; a matching purple fiberstone accent chair in purple color is making a nice color match with this wooden end table. Decoration is all about mixing and matching colors for creating nice vibes.

Glazed Penny Table

This is a wonderful epoxy glazed penny table. The pennies silvers were cut as well for fixing the holes on the designs and extra ones that were shown on the edges were trimmed. This is the most beautiful decorative epoxy wooden table I have ever seen- it has glimmer and shine to add some great aesthetics in any room. It can be paired up with glittery gold, copper and peach colored window curtains.

Epoxy Resin Transparent Coffee Table

This beautiful wooden table has been customised in different ways.It featured handcrafted 3D fish draw, which would work well for tropical room decoration. This nautical theme epoxy table is made to order.  You can choose to have additional embedding of stones, river rocks, crystals and tropical centerpieces along with Led lighting within the design.

Creative Ocean Waves Epoxy Table

This is a 3D seascape done on epoxy tabletop; it is all about artwork though. A variety of seascapes and landscapes can be created on wooden table by using resin, oil paints and epoxy all together. This design is visually appealing; it can be paired up with blue sectional sofa, blue wooden chairs and nice light blue floor rug.

Epoxy Resin Bullet Table

This is really artists some bullet shells have been embedded within the wooden table; it is really creative. This table can be decorated in patio or lawn or indoor in the living room.

Wooden Log Infused Epoxy End Table

Square shapes tables are always the best in designs. This is creative how wooden has been infused inside this design. It would suit rustic cabin interior, country decor and rustic living room decoration so very well.

Wooden Infused in Square End tables

Tree Stump Accent Table for Decor

Natural wood texture is so visible on the surface. This decorative end table can be good choice for ultra-modern and rustic living room interior.

Tutorials on how to make a table using clear epoxy


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