Fruit Bouquet and Baskets Make Perfect Gifts for Birthdays, Parties, Anniversaries and Event Celebrations


If you wish to give fruits as gift baskets to your friends and family members on birthdays, anniversaries, and Easter celebrations, you can make beautiful fruit bouquet for presenting fruits in an adorable way.

Fruits for Basket

You can make fruit baskets yourself as well, you just need to learn how to put strawberries, grapes, Citrus, apples, mango, kiwis, water melons, black berries, raspberries, bananas, oranges, pears, pineapples and all sorts of fruits in the right order. You do not necessarily have to make any combo and you can add one or two pieces of pomegranate to fruit bouquet as well. It does not matter how many fruits you have to make a bouquet with, what matters is how you make a basket out of them so your gift could look perfect.

Edible Fruit Bouquet

You can add some sweets in your fruit bouquet as well such as chocolates, candies, and other types of candies which you believe your friends really enjoy. You can also add some healthy snacks, pretzels, cereal boxes, and packs of edible seasonal seeds as well as nuts in your fruit baskets or bouquet. For your dates, you can make a combo for apples, strawberries with nice roses, the gift would be perfect for Valentine’s day, if it is for your mother you can choose white roses or sunflowers. There are plenty of ideas for you to use for customization the content of edible fruit baskets.

Use Decorative Pots and Containers

Generally you should add edible fruits to the gift baskets, you can use decorative pot, container, and boxes. Add some pieces of Styrofoam in the base, use skewers for attaching the fruits and add some kale leaves, flowers and plants. You can also add culinary herbs for making a perfect organic gift bouquet for your family members. For example if this bouquet is for grandmother who loves cooking organic meals you can add some basil leaves, some thyme and cilantro as well.

You can add even add white chocolates and marshmallow to your bouquet if this is going to be given to a kid who has a sweet tooth. Learn how to make an edible fruit bouquet yourself following very easy steps.

Fruit bouquet ideas

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fruit flowers bouquet

strawberry flower Apple Bouquet

fruit bouquet

Apple Banana fruit Bouquet

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All berries bouquet

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Mixed fruit Bouquet

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Kiwi Apple Citrus bouquet

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Apple Grapes Pears Bouquet

fruit flowers gift ideas

Fruit Bouquet Strawberries and red roses

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Citrus bouquet

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Fruit decorations

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