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A great sofa bed is a must have for your home. With time and age, the design , pattern and style of furnishing are changing because people demand for unique features to be added on their items.
There are so many different types of furniture available for home, living room, kitchen and dinning room. Even when one has a very tight budget there is something available for them within it. If you like buying and bringing functional furniture, you would absolutely love the design of sofa bed because it is functional. It would be your sofa during the day time and a nice sleeping bed during night time or when you have an extra guest in home that needs a spare bed to sleep in.
Sofa bed is available in different styles, it comes with seater sections, three sectional style, two love seats and as a big faux leather couch.

Foldable Sofa Bed Couch with Convertible Loveseat

Foldable daybed sofa is the most common type of functional couch you would find out there. It is really functional piece of furniture that you can place in your living room or bedroom. It usually has very tufted faux leather finish, you can invest on the real leather upholstery if you can afford. I would just say that faux leather sofa bed is just as comfortable as any other sofa, it comes with a memory foam as well. You can use it as a sofa, tuck in it, watch your favorite movie and convert it into a bed when you are in the mood for nap or night sleep.
In order to convert faux leather sofa couch into a functional bed you just have to recline the back rest and here you go, you have your bed ready. You can place some sofa cushions and sofa pillows in order to make your bed more comfortable.

Convertible Sectional Sofa Bed with Storage

If there is a little more space in your apartment or home to accommodate a big sectional that can be converted into a bed, go for sectional sofa bed.
Sectional sofa bed usually comes with storage solution. The design may include hidden storage cabinets and compartments right under the sofa seats. You can store quilts, bed liners, pillows and other bedroom accessories in these storage cabinets.

Convertible Armless Seater Sofa Bed! Space Saving Furniture

I personally love the design of Armless sofa bed, it is really fun to have one in your home. The armless design allows you to turn your sofa into a queen sized bed set by reclining the backrests. You can add some toss pillows to your seater sofa bed for making it comfy for yourself.

Two and Three Seater Sofa Bed

The more seats on your couch would mean bigger sized bed upon reclining the backrest of the sofa. Two seater sofa would make a great sleeping bed for one person.You either pull out the extra bed mattress from the bottom section of the couch or fold the backrest down. Three seater might make a bed set for two people, when you pull out or fold up the sofa it turns into a twin or full sized bedding set. You should go for three seater sofa bed if your friends often come to your home for sleepovers.

Pull Out and Fold Out Space Saving Sofa Designs

Some sofa sets come with pull out bed design, they feature one additional foamed seating area under the top seating that can be pulled out for making a bed. This type of couch can be placed in the living room because it has a very great and compact design.
A fold out sofa bed is the one where you fold out a section of the couch for making a comfortable sleeping bed within seconds. This can be placed in the bedroom as well and even outdoor. If there is no hammock outdoor, you may want to place a functional couch bed outdoor and lie down on it for reading a novel or book or for just relaxing outdoor when you are in the mood for it.
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It would be fun to make one DIY sofa bed, buying one from the market would cost you a hundred dollars while you can make one for your under $150. I am sharing a DIY sofa plan. I love space saving furniture and I must say it would be just great to be able to make a sofa that would take less apce in your living room or bedroom and can also be turned into a bed when extra sleeping place is required for one additional family member who visits few times every month or for those special friends who come for unexpected sleepovers.

If you have some experience in wood working you can use your skills for making a nice DIY sofa bed. I am sharing a tutorial here for you that would help you making one sofa that turns into a twin and full sized bed.


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