Garden Shed Designs. Different types of Useful Sheds for Outdoor Elegance


Garden sheds should not be confused with barns structure. Shed designs are planned with one sided sloppy roof whereas barn sheds are designed with A-framed roof structure. These both can be used for storing sports good, garage equipment, tools and accessories and general household items such as old furniture which cannot be placed in the basement and garage.

There might be several reasons as why you should build a garden shed or simply a storage shed within vicinity of your property or a few miles away of it on a safe spot. Every homeowner has their individual requirements and needs for which they need an outdoor shed or storage barn built to add extra space that can be used a go-to storage spot for household essentials which cannot be store in the basements and garages due to these spaces being overcrowded or swamped with items already.

Gardening Shed design

If you love growing plants, herbs and shrubs; you might have stacked up a lot of gardening tools, lawn mowers and other machines which need to be protected from weather conditions such as rain, snowfall and heat.You would need a garden storage shed for keeping your tools safe and protected You cannot put gardening seeds and tools out there, exposed to natural elements because they surely get damage when they come in tact with water or direct heat. . Depending on the size of wooden or metal garden shed you would be able to store all the machines include large sized lawn mower on the same spot where they can be accessed as whenever you need them. Remember that a shed design can be rustic, vintage, cottage, and anything you wish. It can also be a potting structure if you wish to use it for gardening and planting alone. Decorate it with pots inside and out, you have a nice potting shed where you can grow all sorts of fruits and vegetables.

Sports Goods Storage Shed

For those who do skiing, golfing, skating, fishing, racing and biking can store all kinds of sport’s good accessories on shelves, racks and cabinets built within Garden storage sheds. You can repurpose old wood for making cute and functional storage shelves for storing helmets, fishing accessories, even biker gloves onto these shelves. You would never have to go and look through piles of cardbox containers in basement for finding the helmet that you need to ride your bicycle on a breezy summer day since you have everything at hand’s reach right in your metal or wooden garden shed outdoor.

Play House Garden Shed design

You can turn a garden shed into a beautiful playhouse for kids by tuning up the plan a little bit. For example, you can add one nice loft bed to the shed along with some racks. Apply some wall papers and do some modifications to turn into a nice playhouse for your kids and their friends. This should be done when you are tired of gardening and wanting to convert your storage shed into something productive. A playhouse shed would be a small outdoor house like structure which your kids can use for either doing group studying with their friends or for playing outside the property. You can add some swings and other playhouse features around the shed to give them more reasons to stay within vicinity of your house. You would be also be able to keep an eye on them after turning garden shed into a playhouse. They would love to use the space with their friends.

Home office garden shed design

For those who love woodworking and DIY crafts could greatly benefit from home office garden shed. The place would be a nice structure for protecting wood lumbers and boards along with woodworking accessories, tools and materials in one place. The garden storage shed can be turned into a small outdoor home office where a computer desk can be placed with the desk. It would be a nice yet secluded place for you to work peaceful away from your home. You would enjoy working in solace if you are a writer, author or video maker. People who work from home know the troubles of working in home offices, they get peace but not privacy and silence all the times, when you use a garden shed home office, you do not have to deal with noises. It is quiet in the space, you can lock the door to muffle all the sounds from outdoors. Besides, you would be able to focus much on your work, you can lock your accessories, office files and important documents easily as well because this place will be used by you only.

Lakeside Nature Side Shed

Some people do meditate; for they find out a spot to sit and relax. They need a silence spot for concentrating on their imagination; for a secluded garden shed with glass window is a perfect place. There are different types of garden storage shed plans being constructed these days; one with the sloppy roof is not the only one. There are versatile plans and layouts to suit the requirements of homeowners, for example, a round shaped shed with glass window is designed for ocean viewing and bird watching. It can be used for connecting with the nature as well. If you feel like spending some time away from hustle and bustle of life in a tiny cabin to watch the birds or to mediate for relaxing your mind, a modern meditation garden shed could be the perfect place to find the peace within and out.

Garden Shed GreenHouse

If you no longer use your garden storage shed, you can turn in into a nice guest house by expanding the structure. You would need wooden to make the facade. Add some bedroom space by hiring a carpenter. If you often see guests who come for sleepovers, a garden shed guest house would be ready for their stay; just make sure to make the house comfortable by adding a bed set with comforter and a chair with couple of other accessories.

Rustic Barn Inspired Shed

Paint the shed into vibrant colors to give it a nice makeover. Decorate it with nice plants and add colors in the surrounding to give garden studio a nice barn inspired ambiance.

Lean-to Open Style Garden Shed design

It is not required for your garden shed to be fully recovered by wooden or metal roofing; You can go for an open air shed by integrating some seating in it.Instead of spending money on pergola cover, add some nice seats under the shed to provide shade and protection to the furniture, and pair it up with camp fire or firepit to create a nice seating lounge outside your property.

Different Types of Shed Layouts

You can turn storage sheds into nice decorative elements for example you can turn them into small nautical beach theme sheds by repainting the roof and facades.

You can extend the facade of the garden shed, install a deckboard and make a nice party pavilion by placing some patio furniture on it. It would be a great place for you and your kids to sit and relax outdoor. You can read paper, eat breakfast/lunch and connect with the nature by using the party pavilion shed.

You can convert the shed into a nice vintage shed; add some vintage inspired material such as if you intend to extend the size, do it by making a brick base. Add shiplap roof and paint the shed facade in rustic style. Use stain to highlight wood textures, they would produce rustic appeal to the vintage garden shed.

You can also consider turning the shed into a multifunctional space such as a potting shed which features storage area, loft/bed area, and potting area. According to the size of the potting shed you can divide it in different sections.

Foilage or forest shed is another idea to use the space. Cover the structure with wines and trellis and grow plants all around it. Add some seating outside, you have a nice garden shed surrounded by lush green foliage, flowers and leaves.

Lakeside Green house shed is structured up just like any other structure; it may be big or small in structure made with reclaimed wood or simple wood depending on the budget. Use vintage artworks to decorate the shed racks and shelves, paint it in any color, use salvaged door and decorate it with plants or vegetables. It can be of nautical theme or very antique, if it is related with lake theme it would make more sense.



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