Gardening Blue Java Banana or Ice Cream Banana; Health Benefits


You might have heard and read a lot of stories about blue Java bananas, sometimes known as ice cream bananas as well. They are tasty and rich in texture, therefore you can use them in making delicious dessert recipes.

The most unusual thing about blue java bananas is that they are blue or green-blue in color when they ripen. Popular for their delicious taste, they taste more like vanilla and ice creams. If you are thinking of growing these bananas at home, you need to know that you don’t necessarily need a big garden for them, They can be grown both indoor and outdoor. Moreover, they grow really fast, you will never have difficulty getting the fruits during the season.

Names of Blue Java bananas

Due to their blue hue on the peel they are simply known as blue java bananas but some people also call them Cavendish bananas. You can find them easily in the grocery stores everywhere in Southeast Asia.


What are Blue Java Bananas?

They are simply a hybrid of two species which are found in Southeast Asian. They are always available in abundance in the market there because people use them for making delicious dessert recipes and anything sweet for snack time.

As for the temperature range, blue jana bananas can thrive at any temperature down to 20F in the growing zone. The plant grows up to 18 feet tall and 10 feet wide, it might take some space. So if you are planning to grow blue bananas indoors, choose your front yard or backyard for it.

Many vendors of the USA deliver the tree of blue java bananas upon order when you place the order. The small plant would be between 3-5 inches, just put it somewhere where it can have ample sunlight. Like any other plant it requires enough sunlight to grow.

Provided the sunlight and condition of the growing area, the tropical plant of blue java bananas would mature fast even if you grow it under an area with partial sunlight. Expect to have the fruit in nine months because this is the normal time for a blue java banana plant to bear the fruit. When you plant to harvest it make sure to harvest it in a big area so you can have plenty of ice cream bananas during the season. During winter time, the leaves of the plant become really brown but the color goes back to be normal during the spring season.

For being hybrid blue java bananas usually have a long appearance compared to yellow bananas. Their unusual looking blue color peel is due to the wax coating, and it’s natural for these bananas to have a slight green tinge as well in the peel.

Blue Java Bananas Healthy and Tasty

There are some debates on what exactly is the taste of blue java bananas. They are reminiscent of vanillas, so they taste more like ice cream, sweet and delicious. When you eat them for the first time you will feel like you are eating vanilla custard.

Blue java bananas are creamy in texture when you peel them off, so they are more like a snack dessert themselves and you won’t have to add anything to boost their taste. But Asians still use them for making desserts, like they chop several blue java bananas to add in their custards, puddings and cakes.  They are an excellent substitute of processed sugar as well. There are so many health benefits of eating these bananas as they are rich in vitamins, fiber, and magnesium.  Learn how to harvest blue java bananas in your backyard or front yard.

blue java bananas health benefits

There are varieties of low calories smoothies you can make from blue java bananas by adding other fruits such as apples and mangoes. They will make the best breakfast milkshake as well and you will never forget their taste as they are heavenly.

Blue java bananas also contain essential minerals such as irons, selenium and phosphorus. They are very much suitable for keto and low calories weight loss diets.

For delivering minimal fat to the body, blue java bananas are best for those who wish to opt for healthy and low-calorie smoothies or food. They can help in losing weight. Moreover, they satisfy the craving for sweet in those who have a sweet tooth. When you are on a diet you have to cut down on the sugar and desserts, but by blending blue java bananas with other fruits you can make a healthy drink for yourself in the morning.

harvesting blue java bananas

Blue java bananas are rich in antioxidants . They improve the production of collagen in the body, reducing the sign of aging and premature aging. They also create a feeling of fullness in the stomach as the fiber in these bananas pass slowly through the intensities.After having a great dessert or nice ice cream made with blue java bananas you will never need to eat anything extra as you would feel full.It will ultimately help in the weight loss with time by reducing your craving for food.

Final Verdict

Blue java bananas are really sweet, smooth and delicious. Use them for making sweet desserts without adding any sugar for weight loss. Or use them for making smoothies for breakfast. They naturally have an ice cream-like flavor to satisfy your desire for sweet food or snack.

Moreover, blue java bananas are rich in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, good for low-calories diet plans for both weight loss and diabetics. They are delicious, create a feeling of fullness, eating a few of these bananas is beneficial for digestive health as well.


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