Handrails for Staircase Decoration! Beautiful Design Ideas


Handrails for staircase are installed for security reasons. They provide comfort as you climb up or down the staircase. Beside providing comfort and security they are also an important part of the interior decor, their design would make a great impression.  Therefore, it is important that you choose the best design of handrails for your staircase, the design must be elegant, in line with the modern stands as well as very it has to be functional.

Handrails Options for Staircase

When you do home remodel, you would get almost everything from the market. You will find a variety of handrails in aluminum, brass, wood, stainless steel and glass. The most comfortable ones are made with wood and aluminum frames. It is all about your personal choice.

Get  handrail design Ideas from Magazine

If you do not have any particular design in mind, you should check out the Decor magazines, they show trends and designs. Modern handrails for staircases are being introduced everywhere. The material of the rails might be same but the design changes with time.

Wooden Handrails for Staircase

Wood is the most sturdy and durable material used for making modern styles handrails, there are so many options such as bamboo, walnut, cedar, cypress, and cherry wood. You can have the design of the hand rail customized according to the structure of the staircase which you intend to install.

Glass Handrails Designs

There are literally billions of glass handrails designs for you. Some homeowners love to install stained fiberglass panels with aluminum panels in order to invoke a vibe of luxury interior in their home. Glass staircase handrails could be good for office and commercial buildings but not for home, especially if there are kids and toddlers.


Metal and Stainless Steel

Metal and steel handrails would be the best. Lattice metal patterns could bring the sophisticated modern touch to even the most simplest staircase design. Fortunately, there are tons of great floral designs, figurines and patterns available on metal staircase handrails. I am sharing 20+ exclusive handrail for staircase designs.

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