Home Address Plaques And Door Signs Evoke Personalised Exterior Decor


In order to add a little spark to your exterior, include a name plate, an address plaque with customised “motivational quote” in your garden, lawn , patio or front side of your property.
These days home address plaques come in different materials, styles, shapes and colors. The possible personalized touch you could add to these plaques is by making the material stand out and figuring out how to make it look different ones.

Wood Name and Address Plaques

The most common ones are wood name plaques, you can repurpose an old rustic wood timber or board for making a name plaque board and have your house address, number and your name engraved on this rustic piece of wood. Now when it comes to engraving a rustic or wood plaque you can use brass, metal and aluminum. Engraving with aluminum might be little costlier and you sure do not want to spend so much money on a custom made wood name plaque. Just have it painted if you have little or low budget.
Wooden address and wooden name plaques are also available on the market in numerous styles, they are ready for quick engraving on the spot. They would be less costlier than custom made plaques.

Reasons to Put Wood/metal/brass Plaques outdoor

Here are five reasons to put Name and Address Plaques outdoor.

Address Plaques add Sense of Style

They add a style of sophistication in the exterior where you place them, whether it be garden, patio or lawn.
Address Plaques and Number Plates Help Find Home
A visibly attractive name and address home plaque would help your guests, family members and friends your home quickly. Just in case you invite some great old friends for dinner, they should have no difficulty finding your home if you tell that you have name plaque of particular color or style erected outside your property, or mounted on your entry door or entry gate of the garden.

Old Style Charm with Address Plaque

Having one great address or name plaque would add rustic, old time charm to your outdoors without your having to do much of the decor outside. If you pair up a rustic plaque board with your personalised message it would even make your property stands out from the rest of the neighborhood.
Pair up Address Plaque with Motivational Quotes
A funny outdoor sign on chalk board, poster or wood pallet would make your outdoor even more inviting, setting it apart from the rest of the homes located in the same area. Choose a quote or funny statement, for example; ” Welcome to Our home, We have Paws Friends”, “Come, Leave your stress out and Dance with us”, and ” Let’s share some laughter, you have had enough share of your sadness and sorrow”. Or anything to make your guests and friends laugh.

Brass Address Plaques and Name Plates

Brass is very iconic material, it is used for making both creative address plaques for home and name plates for entry door and gates. Brass engraving also make a plaque or name plate to stand out, however, the only problem is that when a long time period passes, this metal catch on corrosion when exposed to weather changes outdoor.
When brass metal address and name plaques are exposed to water during rainfalls, they develop a greenish layer of rust which is hard to remove. It also makes the numbers or name on the plate very obscure. To remove the rust and corrosion from brass plaque, you should simply use some detergent and try to remove the greenish rust with kitchen cleaning brush. In most cases your name plate or address plaque would come out clean after washing and rinsing with the dishwasher and detergent.



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