Home Office Wall Decor. Wall Accent, Decals and Wall Mounted Storage Solutions

Do not overcrowd your office with furniture and computer accessories. By changing office wall paint color

you can give it a really nice makeover. There are different types of interesting office wall accents ideas that you could use to turn at least one wall into something beautiful.

Decorative Gallery Walls

One wall behind office desk can be painted in beautiful color to be decorated with wooden picture frames, wall paintings, and decals. You can also add stickers to the wall which are related with your work space.

Home Office Accent Wall Ideas

Eclectic office

Rustic Backdrops

The main accent wall can be built with rustic panels or tiles. In these office inspirations, rustic wooden panels are used for creating a backdrop which is further more decorated with wall art. The office storage shelves are staged against the accent wall.The space is limited. You should not cover the rustic wall if there is space to arrange shelves and racks. In fact, just ad minimal art as possible since rustic panels themselves create very decorative element you need in your office space.

Home Office Accent Wall Ideas

Office accent walls

Decorative Wall Papers

The market is full of self-adhesive wall decals and wallpapers for office space either small or large. You can create a particular effect by choosing the wallpaper patterns, for example, vintage effect can be created by applying rustic and distressed papers to the wall. There are botanical prints, natural prints and then designs which are neutrals to add in any type of office work station.

Home Office Accent Wall Ideas

Office accent wall design

Natural Stone Wall

If you you wish to add natural elements to office space you have variety of options, stone, marble, onyx wall panels are available for decorating accent walls. You can pick from a variety of designs, the natural element would add beautiful vibe to your office work station. Two wall racks are mounted on the wall, it is not overcrowded with storage shelves which are a good way to keep your office accent wall free of clutter and well-presentable.

These are faux stone tiles, you can get faux marble tiles as well. Sky is the limit when it comes to colors and variations you can get for decoration of your office walls.

Home Office Accent Wall Ideas

Transitional home office

Home Office Storage

If you have set up a small office within your home and there is no space for big office shelving units and storage cabinets in the room, you can go for wall mounted cabinets. Open style cabinets would offer you the same storage space, some supportive lighting fixtures can be installed right over each row of storage cabinets. Each row has three storage shelves, enough to store files, books, and important office documents. Besides, there are storage compartments on the desk as well. One coastal theme sectional sofa is decorated with blue green throws. Office accent wall is painted in olive green; to make a combo with the wall a nice green sofa is placed which is making a great sense.

Home Office Accent Wall Ideas

Coastal home office


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