Honed Granite Countertops! Choose Colors for Kitchen Countertops


Honed granite countertops are a great choice for those decorators and interior designers who love to install a shiny countertop to improve the aesthetics of kitchen space.
The reason why honed granite shines a lot more than stone and other marble/granite countertops is simply because it is installed without polishing. It gives the stone a natural shiny surface which reflects.

Honed Granite Countertops for Kitchen

It does not matter how big, spacious or congested your kitchen space is, you can create elegance and a great vibe in the space by installing honed granite countertops on the island table top along with the countertops for creating a great theme. There are many colors available in honed granite for any kitchen interior theme such as azul platino, blanco leblon, butterfly beige, santa cecelia and luna pearl.
No matter which color of honed granite kitchen countertops you choose to install in your kitchen, it will be reflective under lights. Of all the marble, granite and stone countertops available out there,

likely to have a distinctive shiny space. For their ability to shine under lighting, most home owners choose to install honed granite(unpolished form) when they plan for kitchen renovation and kitchen interior.
As we all know that granite countertops come into two forms, one form is honed in which they are just installed in their natural tone (that has a very matte appearance), and the second for is polished in which the stone is polished to the point where it shines. It is totally up to personal desire and choice what type of finish you believe to be suitable for your kitchen countertops.
Even though honed granite countertops are not polished when they are installed yet they look amazing in the kitchen interior.
However with regards to the cost of honed granite with purely honed finish many people have questions such as what would be cost for honed kitchen countertops? The truth is any granite countertops, which are not polished would be costlier than the ones that are polished. Therefore, honed kitchen countertops may be a little costlier than the ones with the polished finish.

Cleaning Honed Granite Kitchen Countertops

I was asking by my friend if there is difficult to clean honed finished granite countertops. THE answer is no, you can just clean it just like you clean marble countertops or stone countertops and that is by using some clean water with any detergent. Some honed stones contain some sealants as well, you just need to do a little spray to clean the surface of your kitchen countertops within seconds.
Honed countertops may require a little more maintenance than the normal ones due to their matte finish which is vulnerable to scratches and stains. If you keep a good cleaning routine you would be able to keep your honed granite countertops in good shape for years to come.
Black honed stones countertops may not require sealing, but when the lighter shades of the stones might need a seal coat for keeping it from stains, spots and scratches. The most common stains that people complain to have on honed countertops are that of water stains. They are removable with water and detergent. You can also use baking soda for removing those stains just in case you feel like the stains are stubborn and they cannot be removed by merely using any countertop cleaner.

Leathered Granite VS Hones Granite

Many people believe that leathered granite looks so much alike honed due to the color, patterns and textures. There might be some similarities between both granites due to their color patterns but they do not have the same finish and properties. Honed kitchen countertops would look matte with very smooth patterns compared to the leathered countertops. Leathered granite countertops may have more of shinny and glossy finish when compared to honed.
Being natural, your honed kitchen countertops may need to be sealed annually with 3 to 5 (or more layers of sealers) to improve their durability.
Pros and Cons of Honed Kitchen Countertops
There are some pros and cons of honed granite countertops illustrated below just for your knowledge.
Pros of these countertops are:
They add stunning beauty and glam factor to your kitchen interior.
They come in variety of colors, styles and textures to match the aesthetic of your kitchen space and to satisfy your taste for quality countertops.
Honed kitchen countertops are popular for their exceptional hardness and durability.
They are very heat-resistant and water proof, they are suitable for all types of kitchen designs such as commercials, industrial and personal.
Cons of Honed countertops are:
They are difficult to maintain compared to traditional granite countertops.
They are matte in finish which make them vulnerable to scratches, stains and water spots.
They are a little difficult to clean.
Honed granite is little more expensive than traditional stones, granite and marble.


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