How to make brown color?

How to make brown color

There are a lot of people asking the same questions such as “how to make brown color”? and “what two colors make brown colors”?

If you have just starting using acrylic and oil paint colors for your artwork you must understand the color combinations and mixing. I would let you make a guess on how to makeĀ  brown color by presenting some of the options.

Which one of these two colors make brown color?

A: Red and Green

B: Blue and Orange

C: Red and Black

D: Green and Orange

Tik-tok on the clock, please guess the right answers?

Here are the correct answers:

Option A and Option B are the correct answers. You can mix primary green and primary red color in different amount and intensity to make brown color. Likewise, mixing different amount of blue and orange can make the brown color as well. However, you may have to decide yourself as how strong color you wish to make or create in the end.

Always remember that two primary colors can make another color. So generally red and green or blue and orange when mixed together make brown color. You can tone down the darkness of the shade or hue by adding white to it, for example if you like woody and natural brown you need to first make one color and add more colors to it. When you add white color the brown will become a bit lighter and when you add more blue or a bit of grey it may turn darker.

Why is option c incorrect?

Since red has purple tone in the color when you mix it with the black color you may get dark maroon or reddish colors, since these two colors don’t make brown, the option is incorrect.

Why is option D incorrect?

When you mix green with orange color you get different hues of olive and dark green colors. Therefore, this option is incorrect.



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