Herbs to Grow Indoor for Kitchen Garden! Ways to Decorate Indoor Planter and Herb Pots Containers


You can grow a lot of herbs inside kitchen for kitchen gardening, living room and anywhere indoor if you have passion for some gardening. It does not take a lot of money to grow indoor herbs, all you need to do is buy some seeds and some planter pots, containers or vases.

Most Easiest Indoor Kitchen Gardening Herbs

Here are some easy to grow indoor herbs that you can grow for your indoor kitchen garden. You can make a kitchen gardening planner and do your research on which types of herbs can be grown according to the temperature and weather of your area.

You can find so many information on kitchen garden planner online which illustrate detailed information on the types of herbs that can be grown indoor right on the kitchen windows in all seasons.

Lemon Balm:

Lemon balm is used for various purposes in medicine for creating an elixir for amnesia, sleep disorder and stress. This herb can treat anxiety,depression and stress. Lemon balm can be planted outside in summer and spring, for winter, you can plant it inside your kitchen or living room in the small pot or container.

I love Lemon Balm essential oil, it is used for massage and aromatherapy as well for treating stressed muscles and severe anxiety. Just a small massage of this oil in the hair for few minutes can make you feel relaxed and peaceful, this is how powerful it is.

Chives for Kitchen garden indoor:

You can grow and harvest chives almost anywhere indoor and outdoor. They do not need a lot of efforts during growth process. They are great for health, they can improve your sleep and well being. They are low on calories and high on vitamins, antioxidant, and minerals.
Mint: I love growing mint inside my kitchen because I use mint leaves in Salad for improving digestion. Mint has excellent antibacterial and anti fungal properties, besides being good for digestive problems it can also heal flu, cold, and headache. It is anti-inflammatory so it can cure mucus as well. I love the scent of Mint, you can use mint in your healthy smoothies as well during summer as well.

Parsley for Indoor Kitchen herb garden:

You can grow parsley in your kitchen, indoor garden or anywhere outdoor as well. Parsley is the best herb you can grow, if you plan to grow it from seed, it is better for you soak the seed in warm water first before you sow it. Parsley is used for salad and cooking, it is so healthy, rich in vitamins and minerals, it can fight off bacterial as it is a powerful antibacterial.

Basil Herb Garden indoor:

You can grow basil inside your kitchen or home, this herb is really beneficial. However, you need to pick the smaller size basil globe to grow indoor because bigger basil globes might cause space problems.

Bay Leaf for Kitchen Herb Garden:

You can grow bay leaf indoor in your kitchen. Bay leaf or bay laurel needs regular pruning or else it might grow quite large compared to the space you have chose to put it in. This herb is good to grow in the warm weather.

Cilantro Herb for Kitchen Herb Garden:

This herb is very healthy, it is used in making delicious dishes, recipes and salads for healthy diet. You can grow cilantro indoor but this herb is very short-lived, you may need to do seedling every two to three weeks in order to keep the supply going.

Thyme for Kitchen Garden:

You can grow thyme with ease indoor, this herb is adaptable to very small sized planter pots and containers. It can adapt very well in a plant container as small as six inches only. You can simply buy some rosemary, thympe, and oregano plants from the nursery and repot them and put them on your kitchen window sill for Indoor kitchen herb gardening.
Lemongrass: You can grow lemon grass indoor, however, this herb needs some space to grow. You can put it somewhere in the kitchen where it can grow with ease, it needs water and light. Start with the starter lemon grass plant and put it anywhere where it can have some sun light and water it daily.

Ways to Decorate Indoor Herbs Inside Kitchen

If you have chosen kitchen for your herb gardening spot, you can decorate the herbs inside this space in the follow way;

Decorative Kitchen Planter Racks:

Put your herbs pots, containers and planter boxes on the racks for Kitchen gardening. You can install multi tiered racks on the walls if you intend to display minature planter and herb pots in big number. You can repurpose old spice racks and mount them on the wall, or you can buy the new ones from the market.

Wooden Shelves:

Freestanding or wall mounted wooden shelves would be the perfect spot for displaying and decorating your planter and herb pots or containers for indoor kitchen herb garden. These shelves should be placed near the kitchen window so they can have enough light which your herbs and plants need daily in order to grow healthy.

Over the kitchen countertop:

You can simply put some pots and containers of small sizes near the kitchen sink or over the counter. Make sure your planter pots are of small sizes because big size plant containers will take a lot of space and make your kitchen  garden look clutter.

Kitchen window sill Herb Gardening:

You can showcase your beauty planter boxes, containers or pots on the kitchen window sill. This is the spot which is exposed to sunlight directly. Unless you have blackout kitchen window curtains, your indoor plants and herbs will have enough sunlight they need to thrive and grow in your kitchen herb garden.

Wall Hanging Planter racks:

If you find no suitable space for keeping your plants and herbs, you can go for hanging and wall mounted racks. The hanging wall planters would never take any space over the counter or window sill, they can be showcased on any kitchen wall for displaying your artwork of indoor Kitchen herb gardening.


Planter boxes (wooden, steel, concrete or stone):

You can grow your herbs and plants directly inside the wooden planter boxes and have these boxes mounted on the kitchen wall. You can name the planter box according to the herb and plant you are growing inside to keep it all organized.

Kitchen Planter caddy:

Put a nice kitchen caddy with all the indoor planter and herb pots inside and put it near the kitchen sink or on the kitchen window sill.




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