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If you and your kids spend time together playing video games and arranging puzzle pieces of Jigsaw game on Jigsaw table, you would definitely find a big entertainment in innovative puzzle table or puzzle tableau. The good thing is that you can put your Jigsaw puzzle table in your favorite spot because it is portable and light weight. In most cases, you can turn the side wheels easily and tilt the tabletop of the puzzle table up to 40 degrees or more depending on the design.

Reasons to Buy a Jigsaw Puzzle Table

There are several reasons for you to buy a great Jigsaw table or Puzzle tableau for yourself or your kids who love arranging pieces of the puzzles. Some common reasons could be as follows:

Pure Entertainment Puzzle Table

You may need a jigsaw game table for entertainment only. Putting the puzzle pieces together and completing a challenging jigsaw Table game could be great fun, it is also the best yet creative way to kill your spare time. Instead of having chit chat and gossip, you and your kids could spend time in the most productive way on putting pieces of the puzzle together on a Jigsaw table. It is creative, fun and entertaining.

Productive Gaming on Jigsaw Table

Just like any other game, playing game on the puzzle or Jigsaw table is like using your mind in doing something creative. It keeps the stress away in some way because your mind is constantly busy thinking how the game can be completed. Playing and completing a Jigsaw game on a Puzzle table is so addicting besides being entertaining and you would love to have a table in your house.

Jigsaw Pieces in Right Order

Just in case you already have a jigsaw puzzle that needs to be completed, you may have difficulty completing your jigsaw table game together.Why? When you put all the jigsaw puzzle pieces on the floor, they are scatted, disoriented and some of them are likely to be lost by the time you are close to finishing and completing your puzzle game. We all know that any jigsaw game cannot be played and won even when one piece of the puzzle is gone.
Some puzzle tables come with the storage drawers in which you can store all the pieces to the puzzle. You can even sort out pieces of jigsaw by date and time while you play your game along.
A great jigsaw puzzle table would support you not just in maintaining your posture while you complete your game but also in storing your pieces in the order of your choice.

Types of Jigsaw and Puzzle Table

Storage for Pieces on the Puzzle Tableau

There are many small sized and large sized, mostly portable jigsaw puzzle tables available for you to buy. The most common ones are made with the mood, some are free-standing while others may accommodate up to 1500 pieces of puzzle game, enough to support your hobby.
A green of felt cover is sometimes included in the table so you could protect your puzzle which is still in progress. The common wood used for constructing the table would be beech wood, bamboo and cedar. Every jigsaw table is different, some may require manual assembly as well.

If you need a wooden Puzzle table workstation, you can make it yourself at home with wood and some other tools. Here is how you can make a Jigsaw workstation with ease.

Adjustable Puzzle Table

If you want to buy a high quality jigsaw puzzle table, make sure it is portable and more importantly adjustable even it has wheels. It must be adjustable  and portable

because you might want to change the support while you play the game, it should be able to swivel. So you can swivel it to your favorite spot for a comfortable hour of Jigsaw game.And make sure it had a non-slip felt cover so your puzzle pieces on Jigsaw table don’t slip on the surface when you are busy arranging your pieces for completing the puzzle.

Jigsaw Puzzle Easel for Puzzle Pieces

We all know that puzzle games are different, some are horizontal while others are vertical. You can also buy a jigsaw puzzle easel tabletop just in case you want to play a vertical game. Adjustable jigsaw easel can be moved on the surface during the puzzle game, according to the format of the puzzle you are arranging on the table.

Fold and Go Jigsaw Puzzle Table

Fold and Go Jigsaw table is my favorite simply because you can work on both side of the puzzle table. You can put cards on the right hand side or left hand side. Not all Jigsaw enthusiastic are right handed, they can greatly benefit from the left side out panels.
The availability of two metal-reinforced side out panels on a wooden jigsaw puzzle is a big blessing, you can arrange and rearrange your puzzle pieces on both panels without any discomfort. Fold and go Jigsaw tables are usually made with pine wood and they come with a felt slip to keep your puzzle pieces from slipping from the surface. Check this DIY jigsaw puzzle table plan, it includes storage along with the Puzzle workstation for those who want to do some woodworking.

Jigsaw Boards with Tilt Up

These portable jigsaw tabletop are made with wooden boards, they are adjustable in heights. You can take these boards with you in the bedroom or outdoor for playing your puzzle game with the family. Learn how to make  Puzzle board with paper, paint it and use it for storing up to 1000 puzzle pieces.




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