Kitchen Island with Open Shelves. Controversial Yet Elegant Piece of Furniture For Kitchen Interior

White kitchen island with open shelves and black countertop pendant lights kitchen makeover

Kitchen island are going through so many changes with time as homeowners want these piece of kitchen furniture to be functional, elegant and beautiful. According to new interior trends, Kitchen island with open shelves are good enough to add beauty to the space, however there are some controversies revolving around the designs of open style storage shelving, causing concern among people. Most designers are divided between design not being organized enough and good storage features that this unique island has to offer.

It does not take much to guess the design of new wooden, marble and onyx kitchen islands, they features beautiful open shelves between cabinets, creative style Curved and flat side racks and a pair of two to three concealed kitchen storage compartments, in the middle section of the design.

The design may varies from one designer to another since everyone has their individual ideas on how to improvise the storage solution on these islands that are being paired with traditional kitchen cabinetry. The major design features open shelving units, which can be used for storing a lot of accessories, stainless steel appliances, kitchen cookbook and China Dinnerware. This is creative in some ways to be able to decorate kitchen racks with decorative centerpieces, however, the style of Kitchen island with open shelves is still complicated, not aligned with traditional stands of interior designing for some reasons.

Pros and Cons of Kitchen Island With Open Shelves

There are several pros and cons of integrating kitchen islands with open shelves, I know everyone has their own ideas as why this new piece of kitchen furniture is not very suitable for any type of modern, contemporary, and minimalistic decoration. I have analyzed this new island featuring open shelving myself for its pros and cons, I hope you will find these ideas useful.

Pros of Island Design with Open Racks, cabinets and Shelves

Kitchen Island featuring open shelving units, racks and cabinets is a great yet artistic design which could be useful for modern style interior.

  • This island comes with varieties of table tops such as marble, granite, onyx, and even wood. The design pretty much works like traditional style island storage units, the only different is the style of how racks and shelves are built on the exterior party of the furniture.
  • Open shelving design allows you to use your creativity for making kitchen interior as pleasant and colorful as you ever wanted it to be. You can decorate almost anything on these open style racks for displaying your own artwork, vintage style centerpieces, colorful retro dinnerware and unique style glasses. It is your kitchen, you can decide as what to decorate on these open shelves in order to bring out positive vibes in it.
  • Instead of hiring someone for constructing of open shelves between kitchen cabinets, you can simply greatly benefit from the design of these new kitchen islands with open shelves. You do not need to spend money on changing the design of wooden cabinetry to have open storage racks anymore. You get the same features on island.
  • Kitchen island also features side racks which may be flat and curved, located at one side only; you can grow indoor planters, display succulent planter pots along with some vintage kitchen accessories.
  • Though island with open shelving has more of open style racks, but it still carries the functional design of its traditional counterterparts, it may have three or four hidden cabinet units inside for you to hide pans, spoons and other accessories relating to cooking and baking.

Cons of Open Storage Shelving on Island

The design is perfect in my opinion, however some may find this new island with open style storage shelving units very controversial and not-so-attractive for some reasons.

  • Not every other woman likes to display cookbooks, pots, and planters in their kitchen. Interest and hobbies different from one woman to another. Some may not like the idea of open shelving on Kitchen island due to the fact that they do not want to clutter their kitchen space with centerpieces and other items that they do not need in the space. Some may have a knack for kitchen cookbooks, others just use them occasionally for getting recipes and guides before cooking and baking only.
  • Open style storage cabinets could be a great mess in homes with a lot of children. Sometimes children love to cook in the kitchen too and they do not care where they are placing things, most often they leave sandwich machine on the kitchen countertops when they are done fixing their meals. Cleaning the space could be a great ordeal for moms with kids and a lot of work duties in hand.
  • Kitchen island with open shelves might not be great piece of furniture for busy kitchens; sometimes more than one families live in the same house and share the same bathrooms and kitchens. With so many family members living under the same roof there definitely would be more non-stick appliances, water bottles, kitchen utensils and accessories which need to be stored in concealed cabinets only or else they would look messy lying around.
  • Another con of these moderns these modern style kitchen islands featuring open storage cabinets and racks is that it is suitable for those people who are less organized due to their busy office schedule and hectic work timings. Most people work from morning to evening, they barely have time to keep their bedroom organized let alone a kitchen space where shelves are needed to be maintained every now and them for antithetical reasons.
So if you are only considering open storage solution, you should check Open shelving kitchen Ikea. They come in modern, modular and unique styles, suitable for even small spaced kitchen where you want to keep everything in an organized manner.
 Ikea Open shelving racks are made of durable wood, they can be mounted on the wall above the cabinet or about any wall where you want to display artwork or store kitchen accessories.  Some basic styles are cube storage, free standing racks, and shelving unit with table /cabinets. source
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