Exciting Kitchen Nook Corner or Kitchen Booth ideas


Kitchen does not have to be boring and dull space where you just go a few times a day for making coffee, cooking meals, cooking desserts and baking your favorite recipe. Make your kitchen exciting, colorful and more functional than it already is by adding great features to it.

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Kitchen nook is also known as kitchen breakfast nook or kitchen booth sometimes. This is a group of some furniture consisting of a table set, sofa set and some chairs. Kitchen booth set up doe snot necessarily have to be very costly. If having a small budget, just buy one round kitchen table and set it on the corner of kitchen space with eclectic chair, that is it. Some interior designers believe it is good to put a nice and big wall behind the kitchen breakfast nook as it add colors to the space.

Wall Patterns ideas for Kitchen Breakfast Nook

Decorative kitchen wall that you should consider building behind the kitchen breakfast booth may carry any accent, pattern and designs. The most preferred wall designs for the kitchen walls are Paisley, Moroccan, Polka dot, Chevron, faux bois, Ikat, Greek Key, houndstooth, quatrefoil,damask, imperial trellies, ogee, and simple trellies.

The colors of kitchen wall behind the kitchen nook can be chosen according to the paint colors of the space. Do not choose overbold colors, they might not go well with your space and interior. You might have read that colors do affect our mood, choose kitchen accent wall color very carefully, they should not be too sharp and too light.

Furniture for Kitchen Nook

Your kitchen nook size depends on the space of your kitchen. For a small kitchen corner, you can set up one round table with eclectic chairs. One small corner wooden table can be set up with one seating couch. Your kitchen banquet booth can be decorated in country, rustic, and modern style. Some vintage loving designers love using retro features on the kitchen nook interior, for example, polka dot patterns are chosen for chair covers and the same types of pattern goes behind the wall of breakfast nook.

Kitchen breakfast nook VS kitchen Island

A lot of people are confused between kitchen corner nook and kitchen island because they share so many same features such as storage, dining table, chair/bench set and seating area.

Kitchen island is more of modern type of furniture for the space, with storage,drawers, and racks.It features one big table that is set up with the kitchen bar stool or kitchen benches whereas kitchen booth is a complete seating and banquet setup. It allows the family to have their lunch, breakfast and meal in a proper set up within the kitchen space. Kitchen booth does not feature any storage for the appliances or kitchen accessories.

Kitchen banquet seating would allow you to use your interior designing skills. You can use patterned throw pillows and cushions over the banquet benches or the chairs to make your space full of different colors.


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