Types of Kitchen Shelf Liners. Protect Shelves, Cabinets,Drawers and Cupboards


Instead of using paper shelf, cabinets and drawers liners you should opt for quality liners which are thicker compared to paper. The thicker lines would protect shelves and cabinets from scratches, nicks, stains and all other types of effects that can damage wood.

The purpose of liners is to protect the surface of wood of kitchen shelves, utensil drawers, and storage cabinets. Do not make the mistake of using thin papers because they can not offer good protection. There are variety of best kitchen shelf liners available on the market such as fabric, heavy-duty plastic/pvc, vinyl and foam. You should opt for the liners which you believe would work well for your kitchen. Let’s break down some very famous types of shelf liners which are good in quality.

Foam Kitchen Shelf  Liners

You might have heard a lot about foam kitchen shelf liners; they are designed with durable materials. They come in different textures, patterns and designs; they are not self-adhesive, you will never have to glue them in the cabinets, on wooden racks and shelves. You just have to cut them, trim their edges according to dimensions and sizes of drawers, and there you do. Just spread them on the wood surface and put anything on them. They are made with breathable material, however, they cannot protect your kitchen shelves from crumbs, water spills and liquor stains. Do not cover your granite countertops and anything that is constructed with natural stones because they can damage such surfaces.
What good about foam kitchen shelf liners is that they do not stick to the surface, thus there would never be any sticky surface as you experience when you use stick and peel self-adhesive liners on wooden surfaces. They stay where you put them, they do not slide away once they are placed on kitchen shelves, racks, and inside wooden drawers.

Adhesive and Non Adhesive Vinyl shelf Liners

If you need affordable kitchen shelf liners on budget; you should go for vinyl liners, they are very thicker than paper and self-adhesive cabinet stickers which are awful sometimes, especially when you intend to take them from the racks and wooden drawers. Vinyl kitchen shelves liners come in different styles, designs and shapes, they come in both non-adhesive and shelf-adhesive forms. If you pick the quality ones they would stick nicely on the inside wooden surfaces of storage cabinets, wooden compartments of island and even on the wall mount racks. For example, if you wish to decorate your rustic wall mounted glass racks, you use should decorative vinyl liners because they stick well to the surface.

When you go out to do shopping for Vinyl kitchen shelf liners make sure to pick the ones that come with waterproof features, they are ideal for wooden surfaces because they do not slide. They are good liner for shelves, wood drawers, and kitchen cupboards. These liners do not need a lot of struggle during applications, they attach themselves to the surfaces easily for being very adhesive. However, you should make sure to stick them without making the mistakes.

Sometimes Vinyl kitchen liners could be very sticky when you remove them from the drawers and cabinets.Make sure to pick the ones that do not leave sticky glue like residue during removal process. Good thing about these kitchen shelf liners is that they come in all sorts of vintage, modern, contemporary, retro and color-contrasted pattern to match the interior of your space. You can use them for decorating edges of kitchen island, wall racks and even spoon holders. They can also be used for dressing up indoor planter pots and succulent plant containers.

If you choose non-adhesive vinyl liners, make sure they are durable and stain resistance. they should be placed on certain surfaces such as urethane and lacquered. They can damage their finish, if you have accidentally applied them on such surfaces make sure to remove them completely and clean the surface with warm water using some dish washing detergent.

Plastic Kitchen Shelves Liners

I personally love plastic liners they are really heavy duty in design, they can be used for lining the wire shelves along with wooden cabinets, drawers and cabinets. They are very waterproof in nature as well as spill proof. Cleaning plastic kitchen shelf liners is way easier than vinyl, paper and foam. You cannot clean foam liners easily, so whenever I go out, I go for plastic because they can be cut according to dimensions of shelves, racks and cabinets. Moreover, they provide a sturdy base. They work well protecting wood surfaces from spills, dust particles, and debris that can damage natural wood textures of drawers and shelves.

Decorative Paper Liners for Shelves

These days Paper kitchen shelf liners come in variety of patterns, colors and designs. You can easily find pastel one featuring botanical patterns, leaves, floral patterns, vintage and retro patterns that go well with kitchen interior. If you wish to buy paper for lining your drawers, cabinets and cupboards, make sure to buy the papers which are at least thick enough to provide protection to wood surfaces. The thinner liners would never be able to protect your shelves from spills, liquid and moisture. Make sure to buy good quality papers kitchen liners only if you intend to use them for some months.The only drawback is they cannot be cleaned and washed, you have to discard them once they get dirty.


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