Knowing History of Egg Chairs : Scandinavian cocoon chairs

Fashion ball egg chair with fiberglass

Egg or cocoon like chairs are quite famous these days. Do you know that these chairs do have a history behind them? In 19450, a Scandinavian airline system hired Arne Jacobsen to reinvent new designs for Copenhagen’s Royal hotel. Arne Jacobsen was a Danish architecture with passion for unique and artistic interior design. His job was to come up with the innovative designs for everything- from hotel cutlery to the furniture to the shutter bus to the airport. He created so many marvelous art pieces. One of the most creations was an elliptical egg shaped chair design which is also called egg chair. It was unique for having egget like structure and cocoon like shape.

Outdoor wicker egg chair

Wicker hanging egg chair design Simple egg chair design

Scandinavian egg chair was a pure art of Jacobsen, he sculptured the structure to make it more of cocoon like with depth on the seat. The design was so awesome and such unique that guests could swivel it and recline it in different positions. Though the egg chair was made of polyurethane foam but it was very light weight. In those times when heavy furniture was in trends, egg chair weights only around 17 pounds. Egg chairs were so lightweight that it was fun to move them around and the hotel staff never had to struggle in arranging them.

Modern style egg chair Gaming egg chair ball chair Fashion ball egg chair with fiberglass

So many people have the same question as what is the purpose of egg chair? Among all the designs of chairs, egg chair is the best one as it offers the best comfort to those who sit on it. It has high sides and very nice cradling. The original design may be a bit different but all the replica designs also have comfortable cushioned seating for those who love to sit on the egg chair for a long time period. It is not unusual for people to sit in the chair and watch television or their favorite shows for hours.

Egg chair divina arna jacobsen Creative ball chair egg chairs water melon Contemporary modern egg chair

As for the design, Egg chairs are contemporary modern and a bit of classic made with the fabric cover and steel frame. However, the designs are enormous on the market these days. You will find colorful egg chairs as well. They make a good seating section in patios, lounge and living room wherever you wish to place them.

How much weight can an egg chair hold? It all depends on the design of the chair. Generally speaking a well-built egg chair can accommodate up to 200kg weight. It means that even heavy weight men and women can sit on the egg chair without worrying that it will break down or get damaged.

These days hanging egg chairs are famous because they have the same structure and build like the traditional egg chairs but they are built to hang with the steel chains. I would say that these would be best to place outdoors in place of swings. However, if you wish you can put one suspended egg chair in your bedroom as well just in case you sit by the window to have a peek outside from the indoors. Or it would be best for you if you read novels in your bedroom near the window.


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