Luna Pearl Granite Kitchen Countertops ! Luna Pearl Still In Trends

Glass tile kitchen backsplash white cabinets luna pearl granite countertop

Luna Pearl granite is used in interior design projects, it is used for making kitchen countertops, bathroom walls and floors, and kitchen floor sometimes. At first glance, Luna pearl granite may look a little bit dark or black in color but when you focus you find streak and pattern of white, gray, cream, brown and a couple other colors.

Luna Pearl Granite Countertops for Kitchen

Every interior designer believes that kitchen countertops have to be a in a bit dark color because they are workstation. You would work on your countertops, no matter how much you avoid your countertops would be exposed to stains, water marks, and dirt. Fortunately, Luna pearl granite countertops are mildly grey black in color, any mark or stain would not be visible on them. The color of gray mineral on Luna pearl countertops just blend in with the kitchen walls, kitchen floor and overall decor.

Other Names of Luna Pearl Granite:

This stone is known for several names such as Bianco Sardo Luna Pearl, Granito Grigio, Perlato, Gray Sardo Pearla Buddoso Luna Pearl, Luna Pearla, Sergegna Gray and Grigio Perla Budduso.


Luna Pearl Granite Smooth Texture

Luna Pearl kitchen countertops may look very uniform and smooth in their appearance. There are no large mineral deposits to be seen within the texture of the stone itself and the best thing about Luna pearl granite is that it is available in leathered, honed, and polished finish for all sorts of architectural projects and constructions.
Being Versatile, Luna pearl granite can be used on many places in the kitchen apart from making the countertops. It can be used as a table top on kitchen island. This granite can be used for making kitchen window sill and can be later decorated with indoor planter and herb pots.

Pros of Luna Pearl Granite Kitchen Countertops:

If you choose to install Luna pearl granite countertops in your kitchen you will greatly benefit from the smooth texture and design of the stone. Here are some pros of Luna pearl kitchen countertops:

Suitable for Kitchen Designs
Suitable for all sorts of kitchen interior: modern, contemporary, mid-century and rustic

Glossy Granite Surface
Luna pearl countertops have natural shine that reflects, it adds beauty to the kitchen. Whether you choose to have your kitchen countertops leathered or polished, they will have the stunning texture and gloss you wish for.

Luna Pearl Countertops Blend in

Luna pearl kitchen countertops have blend of white, grey, black and cream color, it opens up rooms for kitchen interior. You do not have to use black in kitchen interior to match the Luna pearl kitchen countertops because they will go well even with the white kitchen cabinet, or cream kitchen interior.

Luna Pearl Easy Maintenance
These granite kitchen countertops are so easy to clean, they are dark in their color tone therefore stains and marks are less visible on granite surface.

Heat, Stain and Water Resistance Granite
Luna Pearl granite countertops are water and heat resistant. The granite is easy to clean, just use warm water with the detergent to clean the surface and that is it.

Attractive Granite colors
Different colors are available in the granite countertops, you would also find some Luna pearl granite where white veins run through the surface all over, giving the stone appearance of a white granite. This color is usually suitable for any kitchen with white cabinets .

Dark Countertops for Kitchen and Gloss

Black Luna pearl kitchen countertops look classy they shine more than the grey one because of the dark color. They go well in the rustic and country kitchen interior.


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