Decorative Architectural Metal Screen Panels. Perforated Metal Screens and Laser Cut Panels


You might have seen beautiful house facades with decorative architectural metal screen panels, which have been around for several years. They most common types are the one constructed with aluminum, galvanized steel,and sturdy carbons steel ; they feature beautiful, intricate and detailed laser cut floral patterns, Geometrical shapes and random custom designs given by the homeowners.

Uses of Decorative Architectural Decorative Metal Screen Panels

There are several types of metal screen panels, decorative ones are either perforated or laser cut designs used for a variety of indoor and outdoor architectural elements.

  • Architectural laser cut metal screen panels are installed on the exterior, usually for making privacy railing around outdoor balcony or terrace. And they are installed on house facades for adding beauty to the exterior part of the property.
  • It does not matter which metal is used during construction of metal panels as long as they are durable and beautiful. They can be utilized for making beautiful sun rooms, beautiful solarium, enclosed patio/porches and even a very beautiful screened room indoor and outdoor.
  • Since there are several designs available on Perforated and laser cut metal panels, they are suitable to be used as room divider in living room, in open style kitchens and in dining room where homeowners wish to make a separate seating lounge for guests and family get together. Laser cut metal panels can be painted as well in stunning colors to match the interior of the room.
  • In outdoor garden, wooden fences are constructed and decorated with lettuce metal panels on their designs for increasing strength and durability.
  • If there is an outdoor porch, patio and garden where you have placed some furniture accessories you can built a pergola canopy out of decorative architectural metal screen panels. Different designs can be incorporated in the way to prevent sunlight from the area. When pergola cover is made with decorative panels, you cannot keep sunlight completely away from porch or garden, to resolve this issue you can use twigs, leaves and some bushes to cover the pergola screened canopy/cover completely. When you use leaves and trees twigs not only they block the sunlight but also add aesthetic to outdoor porch, patio or lawns.
  • Decorative Laser cut metal panels can also be used for different architectural projects; if screens have a beautiful design with no see-through holes and nooks, you can use these panels as garden privacy screens. If you wish to make them more secure, install them on wooden boards for making very secure and durable privacy screens for indoor and outdoor spaces.

Beautiful Perforated and Laser Cut Panels

There is not much of different between both metal panels. However, perforated ones are also know as perforated metal sheets, they are mostly utilized for outdoor architectural building projects such as house facades, privacy screens, garden and porch decorations. Decorative metal screens come in different sizes, colors and shapes, some may feature lettuce designs and detailed patterns which make them suitable for outdoor applications.

Decorative perforated or Architectural metal mesh screens add unique character to outdoor space by transforming garden and porch landscapes. Besides house facades, they can be used for dividing garden features from one each other when landscaping has been done on a large area. For example, if there are different entertainment garden sections like swimming pool area, gardening area and seating area where you have placed furniture, you can use decorative metal screens as garden divider. Use screens to separate swimming pool area from patio and porch and so on. Doing so would redefine your garden and porch landscape.

Laser cut metal screen mesh screens and panels are suitable for both indoor and outdoor architectural applications. They can fit to any style rustic, contemporary and modern; in addition they are corrosion and mold resistant besides being very durable and sturdy. The reason why laser cut screens are used mostly for indoor projects is because they feature intricate designs that add decorative elements to indoor spaces such as living room, kitchen and dining room.Whether you have chosen steel mesh sheets or aluminum mesh sheets, they would add the same type of elegance when used for either indoor or outdoor architectural projects. Decorative metal wall panels are more sturdy and durable for making privacy room dividers and yard fences compared to wooden wall panels.


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