Metallic Living Room Accessories. Add Brass Copper Aesthetic in Living Room

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Tons of versatile decor ideas are out there for living room decor; you can use wall accent, picture frames, beautiful wooden centerpieces, and vases.

Simple Living Room Decor

The simpler living room looks the better its decor will be. Painting living room walls in dark colors may off sets its natural ambiance and beauty. Let the space come out to be in its natural colors by using less bold wall paint colors. White, cream, copper and beige are the best ones. There is a new trend of integrating metallic living room furniture for creating a unique makeover. Matte finished furniture is so common; metallic tables and chairs could alone amplify the beauty of the space while preserving the simplicity.

Metallic Living Room Coffee Table

Metallic coffee table comes in silver, copper and golden colors, they are made of aluminum, metal and brass. Some may also have glass artwork. I have seen some living room table which are designed with changeable table top. An artwork is attached on the glass top which can be changed as whenever you need to change the room decor.

Options in metallic end tables are enormous; some common designs would be the ones with geometric eyelet patter, geometric angular designs, decorative iron scrollwork (floral pattern, botanical designs, leaves, and motifs), and varied versions of random artworks on pedestals.

The shape of Living room metallic coffee table does matter so does the quality. Anti-rust and water resistant metal tables would last longer.

Metallic Decor Ideas for Living Room

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Living Room Copper Living Fixtures

Metallic lighting fixtures add great beauty to living room interior. We all know that great designs of pendant lighting, sconces and suspended ceiling chandeliers are considered to be the best for special room like living room. Here are some options for choosing good lighting for the room;

Morovian Star textured glass pendant lamps;come in different sizes, perfect for small and large spaced living room remodels.

My favorite one is basket weave copper drum lighting fixtures; they have very rustic appearance and they can be installed right over the living room coffee table.

Vintage barn style pendant lamps also work well with the contemporary room interior. Copper color is the common one in these lighting fixtures.

Antique, vintage, and retro style copper pendant globe living room lighting fixtures are somewhat modern in the designs, they can go well in the interior where living room is connected with the dining room. The pendants can be installed over the tables for great appearance.

The one shown below is a tripod floor lamp, paired with some great copper table centerpieces for adding aesthetics to living room interior.


Metallic Decor Ideas for Living Room

Creative Interior

Indoor Brass and Copper Planter Containers

If indoor gardening is hobby you can great benefit from the designs of copper and brass containers with stands. They have very beautiful visual appeal. Shown below are the brass planter pots with copper stands, you can choose your design according to your living room decoration.

Some other indoor metallic planter vases options are as follows:

Cylindrical and geometrical shaped brass metal vases. They have compact design, some may carry vintage vibe.

Medium brass planter pots, they are usually ideal for growing cactus and succulents in living room.

Hammered metal vases are the best they have vintage textures.

Brass Gold planter with metal plant stands, they can be tucked in corner and they are really easily portable. They are usually used for farmhouse living room interior for growing orchid, big cactus, succulents, and aloe plants indoor.


Metallic Decor Ideas for Living Room

Spun Metal Standing Planters

Living Room Wall Decor with Metallic Picture Frames

You can make a family tree by displaying pictures of all family members. Display green landscapes, arts, paintings, floral patterns, buildings, leaves, and abstract art on metallic picture frames in living room.

Metallic Decor Ideas for Living Room

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Decorative Throw Pillows for Sofa

Use creative colors, throw pillows also come with artistic patterns, designs and artworks. You can integrate beach and nautical theme throw pillows if you have chosen a nautical living room makeover. You can go for brown and rustic pillow designs if your room decor is mid-century rustic. Even if you already have some throw pillows that cannot be changed in terms of designs, you can definitely replace pillow and cushion covers. Here are some ideas: Jacquard tropical leaf pattern, geometrical patterns/shapes,striped corduroy, plush faux fur, painted flowers patterns, spring throws, striped jacquard, retro checkered plaids, buffalo plaid, reversible sequined, and bohemian geometrical.


Metallic Decor Ideas for Living Room

via Ombre dream cubes throw pillows, Shimmering metallic pillow cases

Metallic Washi Tape Art on Canvas for Living room Walls

Washi tape can be used for creating cards, DIY decorative frames, and beautiful canvas artworks for living room, bedroom and dining room walls. The ones shown below have metallic triangle and chevron on the canvas. Black canvas base is integrated for making a theme with white living room sectional sofa where metallic white canvas goes well with white sectional. Beautiful striped sofa cushions are making a good statement with the sectional.


Metallic Decor Ideas for Living Room

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Floor Length Metallic Framed Living Room Mirror

Metallic mirrors do add beauty to the space, if living room is small, large vintage and farmhouse mirrors may create an illusion of big space even when it congested. Books are piled around it on the stand for creating contemporary room artwork.

Metallic Decor Ideas for Living Room

Ranchalow dressing reveal

Glamorous Living Room Brass Book Case Stand

Metal, brass and copper stands make for excellent living room decoration. A variety of centerpieces, decorative accessories and indoor planter vases can be decorated on metal stands. The one makes a focal point around the living room sofa. Glass table is also well decorated with game and white colored planter pot.


Metallic Decor Ideas for Living Room

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