Mid-Century Modern Free Standing Fireplace. Malm Gas and Woodburning Fireplace Designs


Not all homes are built with Victorian style fireplace with a nice mantel and beautiful fireplace surround. If you live in a country where winter is cruel and bone-chilling you must have at least one indoor fireplace, either in living room or bedroom. Most people have one in living room since this is where they spend most of time with their family members, watching television, playing games and sharing good time together.

Ultra-Chic Free Standing Fireplace

It is understandable how an absence of a central heating system in your home or apartment can send you on the edge. Living in a cold weather can be very daunting especially when there is no central heating system to regulate the temperature of your home. You do not feel comfortable doing anything when it too cold to sit without heater. There is an alternate to conventional style fireplace; most interior designers are installing wood or gas burning Malm free standing fireplaces in modern, contemporary and old home structures which are not built with living room or bedroom fireplace.

What are Malm Fireplaces?

I would say their fireplace designs are really compact in size, shape and structure. They are designed for woodburning and gas burning, the size of these fireplace designs make them stand out in the crowd. They can be installed in a corner of the room for saving space. Or they can installed in the middle of the room in case you have an open style home where kitchen is connected with the living room.

Free standing fireplace carousel would produce enough heat it takes to warm up your kitchen, living room and any room without creating too much pollution compared to conventional style fireplaces built in almost all rustic, Victorian and old style homes as well as apartments.

Malm Freestanding fireplaces were first came into scene in 1960s or some time in that time, when the design was lunched it became popular quickly among homeowners and designers alike. The advantage of these corner fireplaces is that they offer complete burning of wood with promise of producing minimal amount of ash pollution which is great. They keep your room friendly and clean because they offer maximum wood burning with less pollution which is great and rare to find when you use conventional style fireplace in your homes.

Here are some advantages of Malm fireplaces for modern home decoration;

  • They add very mid-century inspired vibe in homes and apartments without having to spend much on redesigning your home. You just need to buy any style of MALM fireplace carousel and include it in your room interior whether small or big, the space will get a natural mid-century inspired makeover.
  • You cannot change conventional fireplace, you can upgrade its surround, mantel and hearth. But when it comes to MALM indoor fireplaces you have plenty of designs you can pick for each room. Some common designs are Imperial wood burning and gas burning carousel, spin a fire, fire drum, gas drum, and conical lancer.
  • The designs are versatile in nature, most are built with porcelain glass for providing a clear view of gas and wood burning. The feature adds warmth and beauty to the room interior. Besides, this aesthetically is relaxing for the most part during cold months of winter when you feel like playing the music and hearing the crackling sound of wood burning in the fireplace.
  • Each freestanding corner fireplace design is thought of according to home aesthetics. For example, imperial carousel is designed with enclosed glass frame (for both gas burning and wood burning), it creates an effect of swirling fire when it is put to action. It is better to install it in the corner of the room or in the center of the room. It comes with 8″ all fuel chimney and 8″ floor to ceiling height pipe for convenient installation. It offers 350 degrees view of the fire. This corner free standing fireplace is simple in design, constructed with gauge steel. The beauty of this design is that it produces beautiful embers which look so realistic.
  • Another MLM freestanding fireplace design is called Spin A fire; the structure is brass or nickel or copper plated whatever you wish to go for. It requires a almost 8″ all fuel chimney. The design is pretty simple; it can blend with contemporary, modern and mid-century room decoration seamlessly.
  • Corner fire drums are my favorite indoor fireplaces, they re available in porcelain colors. Their design is simple with large fire opening, you may or may not need a grate for this corner style fireplace in your room. They are available in brass, nickel and copper plating finish.




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