Beautiful Mini Garden in Balcony. Grow Herbs, Shrubs, Flowers and Succulents


Do you not have enough space to grow garden outdoor? No worries, you can have your own mini garden indoor, in your apartment balcony without having to worry about anything.

Pots, Planters, Containers and Vases

For growing garden in balcony you would need some vases, planter pots, special terracotta pots for succulent plants, Mason jars, cups and wooden containers. If you intend to grow some organic herbs in balcony for culinary uses; thyme, oregano, basil leaves, Rosemary or any other herb that is significant important in your food preparation of your culture you can use make a garden bed for these herbs.

Gardening beds would help you manage the space effectively, in the right order. You would be able to grow succulent plants, self-growing shrubs , flowers and even some fast growing fruits outdoor. Some homeowners also grow green vegetables like Coriander, green peppers, spinach and parsley in mini balcony garden. These vegetables crops do not need much space to grow, they might need some pruning and cutting occasionally.

Even if space is limited in apartment balcony you can use your creative ideas for managing mini garden vegetables, fruits and plants in the area.  Here are some outdoor succulent planter pots ideas for balcony.

Clay and Ceramic Terracotta Pots are the most beautiful gardening accessories. They come in many beautiful sizes. They would never take a lot of space in miniature garden in balcony. The reason why you should go for clay terracotta planter pots with drainage hols are because they are small in sizes, they have very smooth textures and finish. They are perfect for propagating succulents and Mini cacti. You may have to fill then with porous soil to ensure healthy growth of plants for beauty of your mini balcony garden.

Indoor Nursery Succulent pots can be hung in the balcony if there is no planter stand and rack for aligning them. You should use multiple sized and grow flowers along with cacti inside them.

Small sized plant window boxes with saucer and trays can also be considered for mini garden. These boxes are made of ceramic, concrete, wooden, cement and other durable materials, mostly suitable for planting and growing easy growing herbs, shrubs and flowers.  It is recommended that you grow flowers in these containers only because they have space good enough for them. Their design comes with one tray and there are usually two or four drainage hole in the planter box itself.

Mini Plant Holder containers are suitable for all sorts of mini garden.  These containers are very small enough to fit any size of balcony, they can be placed on the windows as well. However, you have to figure out which types of succulents, cactus and small shrubs should be grown in these planter holders. You may not grow vegetables and plants  in them that outgrow in size.

Besides growing plants in mini balcony garden, you can also decorate the space with natural decorative elements by using river rocks, pebbles, stones and crystals. You can hang flower baskets over railing for creating a Juliet balcony effect. If you have a knack for colored items, you may integrate decorative terracotta planter pots for gardening.

Align Plants Against Balcony Rail

Do not over crowd your balcony by swamping it with planter pots everywhere. You might need to use some space for putting a chair or two just so you can sit in and read your favorite novel. You can align terracotta clay planter pots and hanging plants stands against the balcony rail.

It is two tired wooden planter racks that fit the size of the railing. You may have one built on custom order.


Vertical Balcony Garden

You may hang small sized garden pots on a wooden pallet rack in an order of six and eight. Do not over do the decoration in your mini vertical balcony garden, it would mess up its beauty.

Wall Mounted Wooden Shelves

You can align one corner or wall of your space for making a great mini vertical garden in balcony area. This is floor-to-ceiling multi-tiered wooden racks, each row holding at least three planter pots on the stand. You may opt for mini-pots to grow more on these wooden shelves.

Colorful Blooms for Mini Garden

I must say that Juliet balcony still inspires many people, when there is no space to grow big trees and plants you can grow colorful blooms, lilies, daisies, sunflowers and lavender. Here is a list of easy growing flowers for mini garden; African violet, peace lily, begonia (my favorite), broadloom, Christmas Cactus, and chenille plant.

Some colorful blooms have air purifying properties as well, they can be planted in mini balcony garden for improvising the atmosphere aesthetic of a apartment or house.

Painted Blue Garden Planter Bench

This is a creative way of saving space in balcony where you intend to grow garden and display decorative planter pots. You can integrate a nice garden planter bench and use it for multi purpose.  You can build one good flower box like this yourself as well by using cedar wood because it has a natural scent to add to natural perfumes of flowers.

Wooden Box Corner Herb Garden

Wooden containers have been customized for making Mini Corner garden in balcony. Since herbs do not need much space for growing, they thrive on sunlight and air only. You should water them occasionally for their healthy growth.  These DIY herb boxes are suitable for all types of tiered gardens.

Suspended Wooden Shelves for Mini Garden

You would love to have a great suspended wooden planter stand with multiple storage racks for your balcony garden. Each rack has been decorated with colorful terracotta and Plastic planter pots.

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Meshed Wire Kitchen Storage Baskets Recycled

You can use wicker, rattan, wooden and aluminum kitchen racks as well if they have multi-tiered shelves for displaying a good number of pots in mini garden.

Ladder Garden Planter Shelf for Vertical Gardening

Pallet wood Stand for Growing herbs

Bamboo and Pipe Plant Trellis

You may make a beautiful  garden canopy from green vines and leaves by making trellis from bamboo and pipe and some ropes.

Repurpose Shoe Organizer for planting small Herbs in Mini Garden




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