New Caledonia Granite Kitchen Countertops! Pairing New Caledonia with Cabinets and Backsplashes in Kitchen


Bearing intricate texture, variation of colors and great natural gloss, New Caledonia Granite is one of the most common stone available out there for kitchen countertops, bathroom backsplashes and landscaping projects.
New Caledonia Granite is available in leathered, polished and honed finish. The prominent color combination of this stone is gray with hues of white, however, the presence of charcoal gray in the veins gives it a more darker shade.

New Caledonia Granite Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Projects

Just like many other marble, stone and quartz variants, New Caledonia Granite is suitable for both indoor and outdoor projects. It can be used for laying patio pathways in the garden, for making a stone waterfall in the patio area, and for garden bordering as well for in indoor projects.

New Caledonia Granite is useful for making kitchen countertops besides kitchen flooring and backsplashes. You can use this stone almost anywhere in the interior because this is really durable in terms of quality and it is also heat resistant which makes it best suitable for those properties which suffer changes during weather conditions such as snow fall, down pour and rain.

New Caledonia Granite countertops are also laid in the bathroom area because this is the area most exposed to water. The reason why most interior designers prefer using New Caledonia Granite in the bathroom flooring, backsplashes or countertops is because this stone has natural healing properties. It is resistant to stain and if it is sealed properly it can last in a good condition for ages and one could possibly pass their home as it is to their next generations.

Advantages of Choosing this stone:

It has self healing properties, it would recover itself when exposed to heat or severely hot/cold temperature.

It is gray in color, it matches well with the interior of kitchen, bathroom, and landscape.

New Caledonia granite kitchen countertops are easy to maintain, they might need to be sealed once in every years depending on the quality of the quartz.

You can clean the surface with warm water and some detergent only. Use baby oil for seasoning the stone, for keeping in good condition.

New Caledonia granite is naturally heat, mark, and stain resistant.

It has nice glazed surface which shines under lighting even if you buy honed granite.

New Caledonia Granite Countertops

The most common installation area of New Caledonia Granite countertops is in the kitchen because homeowners love to have a stone in this area that would work efficiently. Nonetheless, Caledonia granite kitchen countertops always turn out to be great in colors, and they make a great pair with the natural wood kitchen cabinets and accessories.
Another name for this stone is Graphite brown granite because of intensity of gray color present in each slab. Since this stone is quarried in large area of Brazil, the slabs may have the matching pattern, texture and colors in the layers.
New Caledonia Granite kitchen countertops usually have the gray color with a hint of taupe, and they also have white steaks, favorite to those homeowners who love to have white kitchen cabinets installed in the interior.
With white, cream beige and light colored kitchen cabinetry, you can definitely trust the colors of New Caledonia Granite countertops during kitchen remodeling. The reason is that white in the interior would match with the white streaks of the slabs, thereby creating a uniformity in the interior design of the kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinets with New Caledonia Granite Kitchen Countertops

White kitchen cabinets would work well with the gray graphite countertops. However, you can change the color according to the interior. If you are going for country style decor, you can have the wooden cabinets painted in dark and light shade whatever feels necessary for toning down the kitchen combo.
Dark maple wood and hardwood kitchen cabinets would also make a great theme with the neutral gray colors of New Caledonia granite countertops in the kitchen.

Kitchen Backsplashes with New Caledonia Granite Countertops

You can go for stain glass, rustic wood, gray marble, and subway tile backsplashes. You can also use new Caledonia itself for the kitchen backsplashes because the stone itself would work very well with the matching countertops.


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