Classy New Venetian Gold Granite for Modern Style Kitchen Interior. Creative Copper and Gold Countertops


New Venetian Gold Granite is quarried in Brazil; it comes in beautiful color of golden, beige, and cream, carrying different tons of gray, brown, and red veins in its deep layers.

Under clear lighting, golden highlights are so visible in the texture of New Venetian gold granite’s tiles and slabs. This stone has very magnificent appeal and style, for which it is considered best option for making kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity table tops, luxury stone walls, and creative kitchen backsplashes.

Colors in New Venetian Gold Granite

Shortly known as Venetian gold, this stone features very beautiful golden hues in its veins. The pattern of one Venetian gold granite slab/tile would never look same with another one, until they are cut from the same part. All in all new venetian gold granite is supreme with the golden veins to match the interior.

If you intend to create an effect of waterfall countertops, this stone would be perfect for application. However, you need to choose the right shade of the slabs; the ones with more of golden streaks and browns would be perfect for countertops and kitchen backsplashes.

Pairing Cabinets with New Venetian Gold Granite Countertops

One of the most common question people ask is what colored kitchen cabinets would look beautiful with New Venetian golden granite countertops for creating an elegant makeover. There are so many options though, here are some ideas.

Light Colored Kitchen Cabinets with New Venetian Gold Countertops

If you do not want to overdo kitchen interior, the most common approach of keeping color combo balanced in the design is mix lighter toned kitchen cabinets with  new Venetian golden countertops. They would also add nice effect and bring up brilliant kitchen aesthetic together.

However, if you believe that space looks very flat and blended, you may have your kitchen walls painted in dark shade, you can add dark shade table, storage cabinets and caddies to create a perfect balance of colors. The combo if new Venetian gold granite looks best with any color of cabinets.

Dark Shade wooden cabinets with New Venetian Gold Kitchen Countertops

Dark kitchen cabinetry would not create a negative impact when it is paired with New Venetian gold granite countertops which features more of golden and beige hues.

You might have seen vintage kitchen closet storage where Cherry wood cabinets are carved with golden accent metal or some gold paint is used for creating artistic designs, floral patterns, leaves and mandala prints over wood.

It means it would be fair to pair New Venetian gold granite countertops with dark wood kitchen cabinets but keep in mind that too dark of wood may create a melancholy or Gothic vibe in your kitchen space. Since it is heart of your home, try to pair your furniture, cabinets with Venetian gold granite stone very carefully. Do not overdo the interior.


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