Oval kitchen Island. Compact Piece of Furniture for Modern Kitchen Makeover

Oval island with black kitchen island with oval shape contemporary home ideas

Compared to conventional shaped islands, Oval Kitchen Island is unique, compact and visually appealing when it is included in modern, rustic and ultra-modern kitchen interior. We are used to seeing old style traditional wooden, metal and granite islands which come in outdated geometric shapes like square, rectangular, and cube.

Time is changing fast and modern kitchen designers are using more creativity into decorating the space. Good ideas bring up positive changes and the same is true when it comes to modern style oval kitchen island, it is far from traditional cube and square islands that are used in almost every second interior.

Ultra Modern Geometrical Oval Island

There are total of four geometric shapes to be seen on wooden, granite and onyx kitchen islands; square, circular, cube and rectangular.

In recent times, the designers also launched triangle wooden island which would be created with less sharp edges compared to the shape of the triangle. Placing these modern islands in kitchen design requires some talent and skills; if there are children in home chances are they are likely to get hurt if island edges are too sharp and too edgy. To fix this predicament, oval and triangle islands are designed with rounded edges so to prevent accidents in home.

Compared to Triangle shape, Oval shaped island is usually designed with circular curves and edges for improvising the kitchen interior and aesthetic. To make the design even more beautiful, colors and accents have been added.

Oval Kitchen Island with Built In Storage

Oval Island for kitchen comes in variety of colors and styles. For minimalist decor, white island is so much in use these days. The white does complement any kitchen space regardless of how small or big it is. There are so many functional features seem to be added on the Oval kitchen island such as:


Just Like Conventional style counterparts, oval island also comes packed with useful features. They are designed with built-in storage systems, concealed storage racks and shelving units. Bigger sized of island may have bigger sized compartments thus they are considered useful for kitchen with massive amount of accessories and appliances. The cost of oval shaped island is slightly different than that of square and rectangular wooden pieces because the shape is different so is the design and structure.

Granite Marble Wooden Stone Countertops

As the title suggests, just like conventional style islands, oval shaped island for kitchen also features granite, marble, and stone countertop. You can also choose to have island work top customized with the choice of your granite or stone. Wooden table top is the common one comes with the design though.

Decorative Shelving Units

Just like conventional geometrical shaped islands, Oval kitchen island comes with multi-functional display racks. It may have open shelves that can be utilized for decorating dinnerware, kitchen appliances, accessories and indoor planters.
Always keep in mind that island with open shelves should never be cluttered with heavy appliances, these side end racks are for display artwork, vases and colorful kitchen utensils, not for storing items.

Compact Oval Table Top Island

The design of Oval kitchen island is very compact because it is non-conventional, uncommon and unusual. Some may find it unearthly and bizarre; however keep in mind that bizarre designs always make the best ultra-modern and contemporary style kitchen makeovers. Be creative when you buy accessories and appliances, your kitchen would look different than the rest of your friends.

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