Intro of Lift Chair and Reviews of Power Lifted Chairs

Signature design by ashley ernestine upholstered power lift adjustable oversized recliner, gray

You might have heard and seen Lift chairs and you already know what they are. Of course there are sometimes people around us with physical disability that are riden to lift chairs because they cannot move their body easily. However, these chairs are not only for people that have mobility issues, in fact they can be beneficial for many other people who do tasks while sitting.
As per the structure, the lift chair is somewhat the same just like a traditional leather chair or recliner but it has some additional features as well. Let’s overview it.
What is a lift chair?
A lift chair is a medical chair that looks somewhat similar to a traditional chair but with more of reclining and tilting features. YoU can move, position and recline it by pressing the power buttons. Moreover, the special feature of lifting allows the users to lift the chair to the desired positioning. The base and back of the chair can tilt when the users do the settings with either remote control or through the push button.

There are different names of power lift chairs, they are also known as power lift recliners because their design is just the same as the recliners. They are also called pop up chairs because you can position the chair and it tilts and pops. Some people have named the lift chair as infinite position recliner because it can be reclined in many positions with the remote control or button without touching the lever for maneuvering the desired positions.

These days, lift  chairs are available in tons of great sizes, styles and designs. You get enormous designs with superb features, you can go for leather ones that are designed with leather. Leather reclining lift chairs can be paired with the traditional sofa sets as well.Then there are some chairs that are recliner but they have additional functional such as heating and massage functions. You can name them lifting massaging chairs as well as they have different features to keep you happy.

Advantages of Lift chair:

You can make the best of lift chairs because they are the best resting place for the people who have physical disabilities. For instance, if you just have been out of a surgery of any kind and you don’t want to spend your whole day in bed, you can sit in your lift chair and move here and there without worrying about putting pressure on your body.
There are many benefits of lifting chairs, let’s talk about the ones that are common:
These chairs can help the person move easily and transit from the sating position to the stranding position. Elder people with aching joint and arthritis can use the chair lift for standing easily. The benefits of the chair are beyond making a person to sit, stand and move.
Modern lifting chairs are way more than just the chairs with the added features of heat and massage. Those who want some comfort by getting massage on their aching muscles can simply simple in massage chair, recline and get a massage. Likewise, there are some therapeutic benefits that these chairs are offering to those who spend most of their time on chair such as elder people with sore joints.

Lift chairs are also ideal for avid readers. If you love reading horror, action, romantic or adventure novels, you need not to sit on a couch for hours. It can also cause extra stress to your delicate muscles. You definitely don’t want to read your novel lying down in your bed, it makes you fall asleep. The best option would be to use a lift chair for all your reading activities because you will never get bored. You would be able to recline the lift chair to accommodate any position of your choice.
Most people hate to sleep in bed because it gives them anxiety. For such people, lift chairs are such a blessings. Since there is a recline function, you can sleep easily in any position without worrying that your chair will hurt your back, sides or muscles. Just lie down on it and recline it to any position and rest well. This is no surprise that you the lift chair can even be reclined flat to turn into a comfy bed. Isn’t it amazing? This is up to you that what section you want to keep elevated, if you get sore muscles you can keep your head rest elevated just to make yourself rest well through the night. If you have pain in your knees or legs, keep the lower section elevation to keep your legs in comfortable position. I would say that lift chairs are an ideal solution for all of your problems.

People who have been out of surgery recently will find the lift chair to be an absolute bliss. The chair will help them move around the house without putting pressure on shoulders and muscle.The recliner of lift chair allows the people to go from vertical to flat out position.

Where to buy lift chair?
I have decided to review some of the best lift chairs in my review article. In general, lift chair comes in different sizes, colors, and ranges. The design ranges also vary, so it won’t be difficult for you to find a great lift chair recliner for your room or bedroom. You will also love the fancy colors of the chair as they will go well with the interior of your home

What type of Lift chair would work for you?
Question is for what purpose you would be using the lift chair in the first place. If you have no disability or problems with physical mobility  you can go for the simple design that don’t feature a lot of recline position.
If you eat or drink in the chair, you can go for vinyl or leather lift chair. The reason for choosing the material is that it is easy to clean.

If you happen to have a pet in home as well like a cat or dog, you should consider going for a big reclining lift chair. It will be able to accommodate your furry friends and canines as well.
If you spend most of your time outdoors in the garden or elsewhere it might be possible that you sleep in your recliner. If so, you can find out a lift chair that comes with comforting mattress in the recliner. Additionally, it should support the flat out recline option. You will be able to lay down on your lift chair at night.

For people who simply use chair for watching television, playing games on the table and massing their body should have multiple options. The two position lift chair would be good for television watchers. However, those who sit down for extended period of time would fine that three position or infinite position lift chairs are way more comfortable. They allow you to change positions just as many times as you desire.

If you have a reclining chair, you can replace it with the lift chair because it is adjustable. You can sit on it and watch television, you can lay down on and recline your lift chair just in any position that comforts your body, muscles, aching joints and bones.
If you are planning to buy a lift chair you must know that they are heavier than leather or sectional sofa due to their build. Since they have adjustment levers they weight quite heavy and many occupy some space in your living room or bedroom. Find an appropriate p[lace to keep your reclining lift chair.
For the most part, lift chairs are affordable. However, if you are recovering from after a surgery or operation you can also file a request with the companies who offer lift chairs on rent. It would be quite helpful for you if you are on a tight budget and cannot afford to pay for the chair in full.


Best Lift Chairs to buy 

Signature Design by Ashley Ernestine Upholstered Power Lift Adjustable and oversized recliner

Contemporary recliner for naps and relaxing sleep. Large and wide enough for people of all ages and sizes. Stylish design with pillowy comfort that goes well with the interior.

With the depth of 20.50 inches, and the seat height is 19.63 inches, the arms are somewhere between 22.40 inches. Th reclined footrest height comes about 19.63 inches. The dimensions are 37.75″ W x 36″ D x 43.50″. The arm height is 24 inches, the top cushion if 20,75 inches and the seat width is 22 inches. Fully reclined height would b 20.50 inches. The length of cord is 130.00 inches and it weighs around 139 lbs. 

The power lift chair features a power lift options for offering comfortable and relaxing experience. Th high -resiliency foam cushions is made of great quality polyester. The power control is pretty much simple. Tap on one-touch control button to work with the lift chair, change the positions.  The chair has also a blocked frame and metal seat which is a bit reinforced. All in all this power lift chair is a must-have.

The shade of the lift shade matches with the interior. When you buy is you also get power cord with it. Ashley furniture is a famous names in the furniture industry, you will love the lift chair by the company because it is contemporary modern with great power adjustments features.

Signature design by ashley ernestine upholstered power lift adjustable oversized recliner, gray
Gray power lift chair by Ashley furniture


Pulaski Button Tufted Lift Chair

You might have seen many good pieces of reclining chair with tufted buttons and Pulaski inspired design. This lift chair is no exception. It is specially designed in the finest color.

The lift chair weights around 300 lbs with padded arms. The seat and back are padded as well to offer more comfort. Drop-in pockets coils prevent sagging of the fabric and the chair. Of course you don’t wish for your power lift chair to lose its beautiful texture and design after just a few days.  The seating provides extraordinary comfort. The button tufted back looks dates back to the old times but it has been revived with a new style in this lift chair.

Pulaski button tufted lift chair in saville brown
Tufted power lift chair

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