Recycle Tin Cans for DIY Craft and Art Projects! Be creative in Upcycling Tin Cans


If you have passion for making creative art and crafts, you can surely recycle tin can, a most common thing we use daily. We consume canned food almost everyday such as purees, tomatoes, pineapples, mixed fruits, beans, almond,and ready made stuff. The list is huge.

Recycle and Upcycle Tin Can

You can use recycle and upcycle tin can for your art and craft projects. It would never take a lot of money to turn a tin can into a nice bird feeder. It would be fun to make functional items with it. All you need to do is research some tin can recycling ideas. I am sharing some ideas with you.

DIY Kitchen Storage Organizer:

Use washi tape and decorative cover to cover up the tin can and use it inside your kitchen for storing spoons, cutlery, kitchen knife and several other items.  There are a lot of things you can store inside these tiny tin containers after recycling them.

You can make stackable tin can organizer and racks for your kitchen walls and use them for storing items of your choice.

DIY Hanging Planters:

Tin cans can be recycled and covered in the decorative wrapping for making beautiful indoor and outdoor planter containers, pots and caddies.

DIY school supplies Storage Organizer

Tin can can be turned into beautiful storage containers for storing and saving school supplies such as pencils, pens, paint brushes and many other items.

DIY Recycled Tin Bird Feeders:

You should never throw tin cans away, they can be recycled for making mininature birdfeeders for feeding feathered friends outdoor.

DIY lanterns:

It does not take much to learn how to make candles and decorative lanterns by recycling tin cans.

DIY Tin Can wind chime:

Paint the tin cans and stack them onto each other for making a nice and very functional outdoor wind chime.

Here are 50 inspirational tin can upcycling ideas for amateur art lovers. You can make the following items.

  1. Make Votive candles with the letter with tin cans. Source
  2. It is always fun to make colorful outdoor wreaths in festive and vibrant colors. Learn how you can make catastic red wreath with recycled can for your door and garden decor.
  3. Decorative burlap tin can candle holders would make for beautiful table centerpieces.
  4. If you love making wind chime you can make one for your patio or garden by using some beads and crystals, the cans can be decorated with anything like washi tape and decorative covers of colors that you love. Learn how to make a wind chime from recycled cans.
  5. Cut some artistic roses and make them your own art, learn how to make roses from cans with some tools.
  6. Kitchen silverware storage caddies could be very expensive, you can make tiny ones and put them on the countertops or on the wall mounted racks. Learn how to make tin can silverware storage holders.
  7. Make an outdoor grill base for camping and hiking. This would be fun to make your own without spending so much money. Recycled tin can grill guide.
  8. If you want to make your own money bank for storing some coins and cash, you can make fabric covered tin can for saving some extra money. Or you can use the container for displaying flowers and plants in your home.

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