Decorative Garden Urns Into Interior Design. Repurposed Urns for Creative Indoor Artworks


Decorative Garden urns are a must-have especially if you love growing and displaying flowers and plants. They can be used for only exhibiting fresh flowers on coffee table, side end table or near your bedroom wherever you wish to keep them. Sometimes they are used as storage as umbrella, paint brushes, cutlery and cigar containers. It is up to you how you visualize decorating decorative garden in your home. If they are large sized, they can be customised with a table top to be used as a end tables for decorating lamps, tea light candles, indoor vases and decorative accessories.

Decorative urns are made of wood, metal, marble and stones. I love the designs of ceramic urns because they come with hand painted scenery, landscapes, seascapes or historical paintings. You just have to find urn design which suits your mood, interest and passion.

You can also include decorative urns in your DIY artworks, for example, they can be decorated with mosaic pieces to be utilized as decorative centerpieces.

Urn Table for Room

A gigantic sized urn features a nice table top, decorated with flower pots and beautiful lamp on the side of accent chair.

Urn decorating ideas

Repurposed Sculptural urns

Repurposed Umbrella Storage Urn

decorative urns indoor

Unique Umbrella holder

Paint Brush Brush Storage Holder

urn storage

Urn turned into paint brush container

Urn Wine Cooler

garden urns

DIY repurposed drink cooler

urn Spoon Holder Stands

decorative urns

Kitchen storage

decorative urns for plants

Painted urn for flower, plants display

Thrift Store Urn used as Cigar Storage

decorating with urns

reusing urns for decor

Urn Table Lamp

urn lamps

DIY Lamp idea

Repurpose Urn Sink Container

unique pedestal sinks

Creative bathroom sink

Fireplace Side Urn decoration

firewood storage ideas

Urns holding pines and wood logs


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