Cheap Retaining Wall Ideas. Build Functional Garden Retaining Walls Recycling Items


If your property is located on a hill station- you may have to consider making and building a durable retaining wall around your outdoor garden, landscape or patio. The wall can be constructed by choosing cheap and inexpensive building materials such as rocks, concrete, cinder blocks, river rocks, wooden fences, and inexpensive metal structures.

Why to Build a Garden Retaining wall?

Many homeowners already understand what is is like to live on a house situated on a hill station. The earth moves sometimes due to natural changes and most often due to earth quakes in the areas. However, changes happening earth may be a bigger risk for those who have expensive properties on sloppy part of the hills.

A well-constructed garden retaining wall is needed to prevent earth from moving downhill with changes or with erosion. Gravity may play a big role here. Sloppy areas tend to slide further down due to gravity, the purpose of outdoor retaining wall structures is to fight off gravity in the area.

Uses of Retaining Walls Outdoor

Here are five most common reasons why these protective wall structures are erected outdoor by using cinder blocks, concrete, cement, wooden or recycled auto tyres.

Retaining wall bunnings are also building for slopped backyards where area is sloppy, disheveled and imbalance. People add landscaping features around these structures to add more aesthetic in exterior beauty.

  1. To help prevent soil erosion.
  2. To add decorative effects to garden, landscape, patio in sloppy areas.
  3. To protect indoor structures.
  4. To make garden and landscape functional.
  5. To fight gravity in steep terrain and sloppy landscape.

Landscaping Features to Include

To beautify your outdoor garden and landscape you can cleverly add some decorative and landscape features around retaining wall of your property. Place one wooden bench for seating or add a bamboo fountain or stone water features to create a beautiful natural heaven outdoor. Some people do a lot of plantations and grow herbs, vegetables and fruits around retaining wall gabions. It is just a matter of personal choice as what you would like to do around it.

Materials to use in Retaining Wall Construction

You can use cheap and inexpensive building materials for constructing garden and landscaping retaining walls. Here are some ideas as to what type of materials should be considered for this outdoor project.

Concrete blocks

Concrete blocks are very inexpensive materials used for constructing fireplace mantels, DIY benches, outdoor fire pit, and landscaping waters. These blocks are also used for making garden borders and patio walkways. You can buy some blocks and stack them up for building very sturdy retaining wall structures without breaking your bank.

Stones Veneer

Stone veneer is used for raised planter containers and borders around window wells. They can be used for a variety of DIY projects such as for decorative covering, they are also used for making privacy walls around garden. You can use them for erecting a good wall structure on sloppy areas.

Poured Concrete and Cement

Concrete and cement along with basic building materials can easily be used for retaining wall construction around garden. This building material is so cheap that you can use it for different DIY projects as well.

Cinder Blocks

I was going through some DIY ideas and found out amazing Cinder block bench and fire pit. This amazes me how many things you can make using these simple blocks.For example you can make cinder block raised garden bed, block fire pit, outdoor garden bench, and of course a good height outdoor retaining wall around your property.

Different Materials for Construction of Wall

If you can spend some money you can use bricks, wood, heavy weight boulders, timbers, pin pile, corten steel, rock,plastic wood, railway sleepers, plastic edging boards and gabions for constructing garden retaining walls around your home to prevent earth from sliding downhill

However, these days people are using inexpensive materials such as recycled tyre, concrete planter boxes and containers for making personalised yet very attractive walls around landscapes.







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