Rock painting craft. Use your Imagination and Paint Rocks Nicely for Garden, Patio and Lawn Decoration


Rock painting is fun when you have the right colors in hand to work with . You can make small garden beetles, birds, animals, figures, geometrical designs, stars, moons and simple abstract art on the river rocks and stones. You can also create small painted mosaic for creating a nice figure or puzzle for your garden decorations.


Painting Rocks Inexpensive

Rocks are fairly inexpensive craft materials as well, you will find them near the lacks, rivers and bank of river-side areas. They are also available on beaches.  What you need to do is use some acrylic paint to make creative artworks on them. Amazon has tons of good rock painting paints, some also comes with glitter and other features to help you make better DIY rock painting artworks.


Acrylic Rock Paint Colors

If you wish to keep your rocks and stones in nature tone, you can go for transparent acrylic paints, they come in various shades as well.  There is a lot you can do by using just one paint as well, you can write down names, Alphabetical letters, and draw heart. You definitely love painting the river rocks and decorating them in your garden for beautifying the exterior.

Depending on the quality of rock painting colors, your artwork can be done in one go. Or it may require multiple paint coats. Below are some DIY rock artworks, which would give you an idea as what you can do in your spare time and what you can create and paint by using river rocks and stones you have collected  from around your home.

Rock painting craft

Small Cats painted on medium sized rocks

rock painting ladybug

Rock Painting; Beetles on a leaf

rock painting houses

Stone painting; small houses

rock painting ideas for kids

DIY rock painting; baby fairies

rock painting designs

Painted rocks; cute hearts

rock painting ideas inspiration

Rocks painting; artificial succulent and cactus for indoor planters

cool easy rock painting ideas

Smiley faces painted on the rocks

rock painting ideas cats

random animals

rock painting patterns

Motivational quote written on the rocks

rock painting ideas

DIY painted rocks; snow men and snow women


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