Rustic Kitchen with Rustic Kitchen Backsplashes and Warm Rustic Elements


Rustic Kitchen and Rustic style kitchen emphasis on the use of natural toned wood elements,country-style decor infused with earthly warm colors. In other words, Rustic interior has more of the natural tone elements, rugged and unfinished furniture combined with simple stone and brick wall textures.

Log Cabin Inspired Rustic Kitchen

In 1970s, Rustic kitchen structures were based on lodges and log cabins, featuring exposed reclaimed wood ceiling beams and brick walls. Materials integrated in Rustic style kitchen interior would be wood, terracotta ceramic, and wrong iron. The style would be kept simple yet very functional.

In old times people used to live in log cabins that had wooden structured, exposed beam ceilings, very rugged interior, rough log/wood furniture with the rough edges. There were no butcher block kitchen islands, non-stick appliances and bake ware as we have today. All the vegetable , meat and fruit chopping used to be done on the chopping board right over the rustic kitchen table. The preparation area for food and meal was the same for eating area, because the concept of dining tables was not much in the trend.

Changes in Modern Rustic Kitchen Interior

Now time has changed, with new concepts come new changes in Rustic kitchen interior, the rustic tables have been replaced by rustic kitchen islands that come with storage drawers and benches.

Contemporary Rustic Style Kitchen Features

Today’s rustic kitchen ceilings have more of Gothic vibe. The normal rustic ceilings are made with logs, chestnut, oak and cedar. A rustic chandelier is added for elevating the sense of the style within a design.

Rustic style kitchen is decorated with contrast wooden moldings, for example light ash wood is paired with red cherry wood for making an attractive color-scheme in the interior.
Mosaic walls are decorated in the Rustic kitchen by using mix and match stained wood.If you love your kitchen in more dark rustic vibe, there is dark walnut wood suitable for making kitchen ceiling, walls, and furniture. Dark walnut is very bold in texture and color, it would make a perfect log cabin kitchen vibe when used with good rustic lighting fixtures.

Contrast Rustic wood ceiling

If you do not want your rustic style kitchen to be dark, make a contrast of the wood ceiling with white kitchen tiles and cabinets to brighten up the space.Dome wood ceiling and exposed ceiling beams could both be a good option for your kitchen ceiling or overall for your cabin interior.

Rustic Angel Ceiling Panels

Angle wood panels are still in trends, you may opt for different patterns for the rustic kitchen walls and ceiling.

Flair of your Contemporary Rustic Style Kitchen

Your rustic kitchen interior may have a certain flair, it may have American flair, contemporary style, Southwestern vibe, and Adirondack feel. The most common rustic home have interior that resembles with lodge and log cabin. Though some additions have been done.

Rustic Cabinets

Rustic kitchen cabinets can be made of knotty pine, alder, and hickory. Hickory cabinets would be the best choice because they are durable and visually appealing.
Rustic wall colors could be rich brown, dark toned green, red and any shade that goes well with the interior of the kitchen. Your rustic kitchen does not have to be very dark, it should have soft interior, make a contrast in it to make it inviting and pleasant.

Rustic Kitchen Backsplashes

There are so many options when it comes to choosing rustic backsplashes. The most common backsplashes are just made with wood, stones and granite. However, there are countless options for those who want to create a unique rustic vibe in their home and kitchen.

The most common styles for backsplashes are rustic barn wood kitchen backsplashes, they have very rugged, natural-warm tone to beautify the aesthetic of the space. They can be installed in the entire kitchen as well, just in case you love their texture and they are also used for decorating accent walls.
Rustic wall planks also make for good rustic backsplashes, they come in different distressed styles and they may also have some metal feel or artwork on their texture depending on the variation of the designs available.
Reclaimed wood makes for the best rustic backsplashes for any kitchen space, we all know that real wood panels, tiles and blocks stand the test of the time when used in the interior.
Rustic stone, ceramic and wooden tiles can also be considered for making backsplashes for kitchen, they are available in different colors, sizes and designs. If you go for warm earthly tone, you may achieve a perfect rustic kitchen decor.
Here are the best material you should consider for your rustic backsplashes ideas for kitchen.
Reclaimed Barn Wood
Marble or granite for Rustic backsplashes
Stones or brick
Old rustic barn wood tiles, blocks and planks
Decorative glass mosaic tiles Backsplashes for Rustic Kitchen
Raised floral pattern on metallic tiles
Vintage wood panels/tiles
shiplap pallets

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