Santa Cecilia Granite Kitchen Countertops! Hues of Gold and Yellow for Modern Kitchen Remodel

Santa cecilia granite countertops woode cabinets in kitchen design

Santa Cecilia granite is one of the most popular types of granite, quarried in Brazil, in several different colors. The main hues in Santa Cecilia are honey, gold, cream and prominent yellow; there are some bursts of light burgundy or purple shades as well that run through the veins of the granite slab.

Uses of Santa Cecilia Granite

This granite is so much famous for its colors, it has great gloss and speckles naturally for which it is deemed perfect for constructing kitchen countertops, high quality bathroom backsplashes and sink countertops. However, Santa Cecilia is really useful for different types of architectural projects such as it is used for floors, artistic walls and fireplace surrounds. People who are in love with stone fireplace or rustic style fire mantel usually make the use of gold Santa Cecilia granite because it adds elegant vibe to the interior.

Names of Santa Cecilia Granite

This natural stones comes in different patterns and colors, one Santa Cecilia granite slab would never match another one and this is amazing. Here are some names that this granite is known with; Almond gold, Oyster white, Antico Cloud, Giallo Atlantico, Venetian Ice and Moon Valley.

Colors of Santa Cecilia granite for Kitchen Countertops:

Two dominate colors found in this granite are white and gold. Gold color is found due to oxidation in the deep layers whereas white color is found naturally in the granite stone from deep depth quarries. White is more prominent than yellow, gold and cream color in Santa Cecilia granite, for this very reason it is considered best for making kitchen backsplashes and kitchen countertops.

Santa Cecilia Kitchen Countertops:

If you love to add aesthetic and style in the kitchen, Santa Cecilia granite countertops would do that for, you can amplify the remodel by adding white kitchen cabinets, white subway tiles and wooden textures within the space.
Santa Cecilia granite countertops have more of white hue to match and pair with white kitchen cabinets,and what else would you need in order to make a theme with kitchen countertops and the cabinets. Definitely, you can include more of the white items and kitchen appliances for improving the interior of kitchen.

Pair Santa Cecilia Granite Countertops with Wood

If you already have a nice kitchen with cherry wood, mahogany and dark wood/hard wood cabinetry, you can still use Santa Cecilia granite countertops for making a pair between dark colors and white color.
Any type of wood cabinets that you have in your kitchen would make an influence with Santa Cecilia granite kitchen countertops regardless of their color and styles. Even dark cherry wood cabinetry would go well with the color.

Santa Cecilia Granite Kitchen Countertops with Backsplashes

Gray toned slabs would pair nicely with pine wood and lighter shades of maple wood cabinets. However, if color is still the problem, you can have your cabinets painted in cream, gold, or white color to spruce up the theme of the kitchen design. Your kitchen backsplashes can be replaced too, if they are very dark in color, you should go for steel and pick rustic wooden backsplashes stickers to bring some harmony in the interior of kitchen.

Rustic wood kitchen backsplashes in tile or timber form would be too much expensive, when budget is low, you always have the cheap options. Steel and Pick wood backsplashes in white, cream or natural wood shade would define the kitchen by adding a rustic, country style or old time retouches to the space. This is what we do. We had Santa Cecilia granite countertops in the kitchen because our wooden worktops were fully dented and damaged. We just worked up on the small area because we wanted to see how well it would go. The only imbalance was our dark kitchen backsplash tiles, we covered those up with rustic appliques. This was more affordable that having to install wood backsplash tiles.

Material for Backsplashes with Santa Cecilia Granite Countertops

If you are to pick kitchen backsplashes for making a pair with Santa Cecilia granite countertops, you can choose any material in earthly tones like white backsplashes would be the best in most cases. However, there are ceramic tiles (white, gold, cream tone), travertine backsplashes, and glass tiles. Subway tile in gold, cream and copper would also work with Santa Cecilia Kitchen countertops.

If you do not have any idea which backsplash would fit the most and you feel so confused, just for for Santa Cecilia granite backsplashes, they would be perfect for the space, you will not have to mix and match.

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