Functional Scandinavian Bathroom Designs. Clean and Minimalist Vanities and Cabinets


Scandinavian bathroom interior could help you amplify your bath space with minimalist and functional vanities, storage cabinets and bathroom accessories that you would need and want.

If you have some basic knowledge about interior design genres you might be familiar with Scandinavian decoration which emerged in 1920s in countries like Norway, Finland Denmark, Iceland and Sweden. The decoration movement centered on using only functional accessories while decorating the entire house or a particular room such as kitchen, living room, dining room or bathroom. The concept of interior was to keep interior simple, minimalist yet very functional by adding features necessary for the particular space.

Features of Scandinavian Bathrooms

Bathroom interior is done carefully by focusing on illuminating the space, using white and neutral wall color paints. You should not be surprised to see at least one square, rectangular or round shaped wall window just behind the bath enclosure in Scandinavian bathrooms. The interior also focuses on using wood textures in its natural form, for example, bathroom vanities with wooden cabinets are used for the interior but without any paint and coat.

You would also see clean cut lines, wood tones in bathroom cabinets/furniture, and bright colors in Scandinavian bathroom decoration.  Colors are added in different ways such as by hanging a good curtains for dividing the section of walk in shower enclosure from the vanity section.

Simple decorative touches make the interior vibrant and beautiful. If you wish to remodel your bathroom, you can consider transforming it into Scandinavian theme, but before you do it, read some information I have shared below.

Clean Scandinavian Accents

Your Scandinavian bathroom should be kept simple, focus on adding your personal accents by keeping clean lines in the interior.Spruce up the bathroom with wooden furniture, natural accents, and neutral colors. You need to make this space timeless by not overloading it with tons of color. Keep your interior simple by integrating Scandinavian artworks on the walls (if there is space).

White Square Tiles

I have seen so many Scandinavian inspired bathrooms and in all interiors the bath walls are constructed with simple square white-colored tiles. Pair different sized tiles on bathroom floor, ceiling and shower walls for creating a balanced theme. In most cases when room is small you can pair a small sized sink with a nice toilet and one floating wooden cabinet. That is all you would need for your perfect Scandinavian toilet or wet room.

White does not go out of trend, if you fear that white tiles would stain with time, go for beige and off white. It is understand as why you would not want to install Scandinavian wall tiles in your bathroom especially when it would be used by your kids and toddlers.

Wood Walls and Accents

You can add a nice flair in your Scandinavian bathroom by creating one rustic farmhouse style wooden walls. You can make the use of wooden planks or opt for self-adhesive wall papers which exhibit either farmhouse or Nordic inspired patterns. Adding some wooden textures in way of cabinets, wall accents and furniture would help you improvise on the interior.

If you think you cannot invest money on buying real rustic wood for decorating your Scandi style bathroom, you can go for faux tiles and planks they are fairy cheap and affordable.

Patterned Floor Tiles

Remember that patterned floor tiles can completely transform your Scandinavian inspired bathroom, you can choose simple geometric tiles or mosaic artworks for the floor, make sure it does pair up with the tiles you have used for walls in your Scandi shower enclosures. White is not the condition here, go for blue, beige and any color which can pair well with the color theme of your Scandi style bathroom.

Whimsical Wall Covering

You can cover at least one wall of your Scandinavian bathroom with colorful, vibrant and eye catching wall papers. Do not cover the entire while, just cover a section of it and accentuate it further with Boho artworks or wall hangings. You can be creative and use your own ideas for decorating your own Scandi style bathroom without breaking your budget.

Natural Scandi Style Accessories

Some wooden wall racks can be mounted for exhibiting indoor plants. Use your creativity for amplifying the space and using it for showing Scandinavian aesthetics. Sliding doors are featured in almost many modern bathrooms these days, they do make a nice and peaceful shower enclosure in bigger rooms.

Wicker, handwoven and rattan storage baskets underneath the bathroom vanity or floating shelves would make a big style statement. You can store accessories and use them as artwork exhibit. In most cases, these hand woven baskets offer great storage solution for hand sentizers, shampoos, cleaning supplies and body wash.





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