Screen Room Enclosures. Pros and Cons of Enclosed Out Patios, Sun Room and Solarium


Screen rooms are also known as extended patio rooms and enclosed patio because the space is constructed through protective glass panels which usually feature wood and aluminum frames. These panels are added for privacy and protections, besides they add a warm touch to house exterior.

Screen rooms are also known as extended patio rooms and enclosed patio because the space is constructed through protective glass panels which usually feature wood and aluminum frames. These panels are added for privacy and protections, besides they add a warm touch to house exterior.

A screen room is a space protected by glass screens, usually built separately near the property or by extending patio, porch and garden space. It is often known as patio room because people convert their patios into screens by covering it with ceiling and installing side panels with entry door. This room is also known as solarium and enclosed sun room if ceiling is constructed with glass.

Screen room separated house from outdoor landscapes, gardens and patio; it is either constructed a few miles away from the property or it is attached with the house structure. This is usually done by extending the living space of patio.

An open style patio can be converted into enclosed screen space by using DIY Patio Room kit. Sometimes the room is built right over wooden deck board and sections of the space are redefined by using screen room dividers. This is done on a vast spaces only where deck can accommodate room sections and partitions. You could greatly benefit from room dividers when large area is converted into enclosed patio rooms. The place is very much degradable to sun room and green house.

Usefulness of Screen Room

A lot of people ask the same question what is effectiveness, usefulness and purpose of building screen room on the property when there is balcony, porch, patio and garden. The simple fact is when you spend time in an open space like garden, you are exposed to natural elements such as sun light and rain. Moreover, sometimes it not very relaxing to reading your book outdoor during summer days when sun is at its peak. You might also feel extremely disturbed by buzzing sounds created by bees and flies. On top of this when you sit without a screened enclosure tons of bugs get in ways of your enjoyable festivities.

Many homeowners complain being bitten by mosquitoes while trying to relax in their swinging hammock in garden space. This is so common. Now there are net covered hammock for outdoor which offer protection from mosquito but you cannot confine your self to a particular spot outdoor. For peaceful outdoor experience you might need one well-built screen enclosure attached with your house.

Beautiful porches and gardens are a blessings; you can throw birthday and anniversaries parties and serve food to guests in outdoor space. If there is a fire pit outdoor you can use it for warming up a space. An outdoor kitchen island can help you cooking meals in open space. There is a lot of you can do in garden other than sitting in peace during summer days.

In some countries and part of the world summer is very short-lived and people do not want to miss out on all the fun they can have in the sunlight. They get only few months to enjoy the season; however it is utmost impossible for them to sit outside and enjoy the time when the heat of sun reinvigorate their body, mind and soul without being interrupted by critters and mosquitoes. The solution to this problem is screen room or windowed sun room. Both do the same job of protecting you from pesky insects, extreme heat exposure, negative natural elements and flying critters.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Screened Enclosures

There are so many advantages of adding screen rooms to patio, porches, garden and property itself.

  • Windowed/door screened rooms are good addition to property, they increase its value by adding beautiful charm to house exterior.
  • You can enjoy summer evening with your family, eating food, gossiping and doing fun festivities without being bothered by mosquitoes. A screen room encloses you within safe boundaries of a space thereby protecting you from harmful natural elements.
  • It is not usually safe to spend time in garden and porches after mid night because of criminal activities are a part of every country these days. You should keep yourself and your kids safe inside home. However, if you feel like spending some time away from boundaries of your home, a sun room could be a perfect way.
  • You can place some furniture in your screen room enclosure, decorate it with some plants, vases and accents to magnify its interior. Now this place is very must usable for formal and informal meetings. You can invite your friends for lunch and dinner here as well. Or when you wish to do some private meetings outside your property.
  • When you have a nicely built patio enclosure or screened enclosure you do not have to miss out on your summer time fun. You can virtually spend every summer evening inside room, feeling protected while being secured indoor. You can add security sensors to the doors and windows for avoiding unwanted invasions. A security alarm would also well for keeping your enclosure safe from robbery and invasions when you no longer use it during summers.
  • Compared to most home improvement projects, building an entertaining screen room enclosure is quite cost effective. You can extend your patio for building the patio enclosure if there is no space to be used for the project. You can make it a complete summer entertainment room by mounting a television in a corner and integrating it with seating sections. You need not to buy expensive screen room furniture; just use the one you already have.
  • You can soak up sun all year around in your solarium or screen room enclosures.. Watch change of season from summer to spring to autumn. You can connect with the nature whenever you want, sitting right in your screened room enclosure. You would be able to witness journeys of trees from going green to going barren, leaves changing their color during autumn, and fresh flower blooms coming alive back.
  • You can also entertain yourself by seeing first snow fall, sitting next to your outdoor fireplace, right inside your beautiful den aka screened room enclosure. You would be able to keep up with all seasons and paranormal view of changes happening around from time to time.

Disadvantages of Screen Rooms

There are some disadvantages of screened room enclosure that are mentioned by people who build it on or outside their property.

  • When it is freezing cold outside and the temperature falls below zero, your patio enclosure or screen room would be too cold to sit in. Even if it is built with nice wooden ceiling and fully enclosed screen doors and windows, it would to be able to keep you warm for still being exposed to outdoors.
  • Since screen enclosures are built on tiny patios or porches in modern times, they are not often suitable for accommodating a lot of people.
  • During summer time, screened solarium rooms may not let you enjoy the direct sunlight because the roof structures keeps the sun light from reaching inside directly.
  • You don’t direct view of the sky, beautiful birds, and weather outdoor, you are confined within glass walls and panels.
  • In screen rooms or solarium, only glass is used with wood frames for making panels and doors. Your room can be viewed from the outside through the glass, lack of privacy another draw back of this space.



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