20+ Shabby Chic Bedding Ideas! Buying Cottage Chic Bedroom Decor with Shabby Chic Furniture


Integrating Shabby Chic Decor Code

Of many famous decor themes, shabby chic, beach cottage chic, distressed, cottage chic and gastavian chic are the most common ones and distinctive too.The theme you have chosen for the interior does matter in defining the interior and decoration of the room.
If you choose to integrate a shabby chic theme in the interior design your furnishings, furniture and bedding sets would be of a particular time period and age, for displaying the signs of wear and tear. Distressed shabby chic bedding sets, French curtains and cottage style furniture are usually used together in order to achieve the appearance of antique and distressed in a bedroom, living room, dining room, living room theater and in the hall ways. Cottage style decor or cottage chic decor is nothing much different than the shabby one, the purpose of this decor is to emphasis a theme that is different from genuine period decor and so on.

Shabby Chic and Cottage Chic Furniture

Shabby Chic decor and interior is so common to be found in farmhouse where the designers want to achieve a worn out makeover, possibly defining a specific time period or age. Shabby chic can also be called as vintage and antique because all the furniture used for rooms is heavily painted with faux paints over the years, and most commonly heavy layers of the paints can be see through the time-worn area (the area of the furniture which has suffered the worn during previous use of old time period and era).
Shabby Chic bedding sets and furniture items are old when they are brought for the painting. They go through some heavy faux painting procedure wherein glaze is used. In this procedure, the excessive amount of furniture paint is rubbed off through the sanding, this is done to expose the base coat or wood texture of the furniture on the top, it is usually also known as distressing of the furniture.

Cottage Chic Decor

In any vintage style decor, Shabby chic style decor and antique interior, the time-worn or distressed style furniture adds up very appealing factor to the room.It is normally due to the fact that the furniture comes up in the old form and old style, it commemorates the time when it was used first in its original style, shape and color. The distressed finish furniture has its own beauty just like contemporary and modern.

Shabby Chic Room Interior

There are four themes you can follow when it comes to shabby chic interior designs and these four themes are as follows:Cottage chic, beach cottage chic, French country inspired and gustavian (Swedish inspired cottage chic). Shabby decor bedding sets are easily available on the market. The shabby bed alone would not create the shabby vibe in the room, you can consider buying some comforter that has the same feeling and vibe. Such as:

Shabby chic comforter with vintage rose floral patterns are so easy to get from the market, they have floral patterns and motifs that have the delicacy you need for the shabby chic room decor. They are available in different colors for twin, king, queen, full and California shabby chic bed sets.

For shabby window curtains you have options in Bohomean floral stripes, gypsy ruffled shabby chic crusted sheer fabric window panels, white ruffled window panels (they may have some textures as well, usually in white), shabby rose printed curtains or panels, and white voile chiffon curtains. Any white curtains that carries motifs, vintage floral prints, and pom pom can be used for making a theme with shabby chic bedding set.


Floral Swags and Motifs

For making shabby chic bedding and furniture even more appealing to the eyes, some hand paintings and handmade crafts are done all over the bedding sets, dresser, buffet and cabinets. Some elaborated furniture appliques are applied for creating artwork over the furniture such as floral patterns, vintage patterns, flower swags,garlands, trees, leaves, cherubs, angels and other time-related or religious motifs are added for beautifying the design
Shabby Chic Bedding
There are many styles of shabby chic bedding, you can get your hands on single shabby chic bed, double, queen, and king shabby chic bed sets. The most common ones would carry the pure white theme because the white does add to the aesthetic of the room.
The original Shabby chic decor was started in great Britain, this was the time where large country houses were found to be decorated with vintage furniture, chintz sofa and French style curtains.
Recycling old furniture and curtains for creating a nice effect is actually an important part of the shabby chic interior and decor. It does not matter how old s bed set it, it can be turned into a highly functional shabby chic bedding furniture, the one that can be used even in modern style decor.

Shabby Chic Fabric and bread Spreads

Fabrics for bed spreads used for shabby chic bedding sets tend to be made with cottons and linens, the most common one would be French Lines. However, a shabby bed spread may also have floral motifs, the base normally is bleached out, pastel and nude colors. Vintage floral patterns are common to be found on the design as well, possibly with the pastel colors that look appealing to the eyes. Some earth tones, light lime and yellow colors and pink colors are also common to be found used in context with shabby chic bedding set and furniture.

Antique Pie Safes and Jelly Cupboards for Shabby Chic decor

If you want to expand your shabby chic decor to an extra level, you may also buy pie safes and jelly cupboards in distress finish.Rococo style lighting fixtures in the shabby chic bed will invoke the old French inspired decor where pastel and neutral colors such as sky blue, beige and rose pink used to integrate in the interior design.

Feminine and Masculine Shabby Chic Interior

If you want to create a feminine shabby chic decor, you can use white shabby shabby chic bedding set and keep the color tones pink and neutral throughout the interior design. If you want to achieve a masculine shabby chic style decor, you can integrate rustic furniture elements. Unfinished rustic furniture could add a bold masculine vibe to the room. Unfinished wood, burlap or denim may emphasis more on Masculine shabby chic interior.


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