Easy Bedroom Storage Ideas. Secret Storage Space for Keeping Bedroom Organization

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There are some rules of creating feng shui bedroom interior that you must pick peach, beige, coral, tan and cocoa wall paint colors for bedroom walls; this is to keep harmony intact with the space. To make it visually appealing, you need to keep it well-organized, cleaned and well-maintained by utilizing storage space cleverly.

A well-maintained bedroom space would be conductive to peaceful sleep, if you use green, pastel blue and lavender color in accessories, you may feel relax mentally. Colors do not have life and effect. They may create an impact on your mood.

Most importantly you need to keep your bedroom uncluttered by keeping things in order or you may have a lot of mess in room which might give you mood swings, causing negative effect on your mood. It is human nature to see things in the right order. This is why bedroom aesthetics are being taken so seriously by interior designer and for this very reason very bold/dark colors are seldom painted on the bedroom walls.

Small Spaced Bedroom Storage Organization

If you live in a one bedroom or two bedroom apartment which is very congested with limited storage space. You need to use your bedroom storage space very cleverly by incorporating space saving furniture, useful yet functional storage drawers and cabinets. Here are some easy ways on how to keep everything organized in your bedroom without spending so much money.

Functional Nightstand With Storage Cabinets

The night stand would take less space than a closet storage organizer in bedroom. It can also be kept in the corner of the room. If you invest on modular storage nightstand it may come with cloth hanging space, hidden storage racks and compartments. You would be able to manage it all well.

Bedroom nightstand would also allow you to do some basic decoration in the bedroom. You can decorate the side shelving area with tea light candles, lamps, family photo frames, an alarm clock and decorative bedroom centerpieces that you love.

Small Bedroom Storage Ideas

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Pull Out  Under Bed Storage Boxes and Drawers

These days people are buying so much space saving storage cabinets that come with dividers and sections. You can do the same, buy a set of slide out drawers or cabinets, put toys, bedroom essentials and accessories in them and store them underneath your bed set.

You can buy wooden boxes too, for storing large sized accessories and items. Bedroom linen, bed spreads and sheets can easily be stored in under bed storage containers. They are bigger in size compared to drawers and they are useful for concealing bigger sizes bedroom accessories.

If there is no shoe stand or rack in your home because of limited space, you can make buy a roll out shoe rack stand and use it for keeping your winter /summer shoe collection organized right under your bed set where nobody other you can see them.

Small Bedroom Storage Ideas

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Secret Storage Racks and Shelves Behind Door

These storage shelves are pretty much customizable in terms of design. You can buy small sized wooden racks and arrange them yourself for erecting one free standing shelving unit right behind your room’s door. It is the best way to conceal your storage space from the sight.

Small Bedroom Storage Ideas

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Under Bed Storage Unit

Instead of cluttering your small spaced bedroom with cabinets, large sized closet units and racks, you can have one fully-functional under bed storage space for storing your books, clothes, accessories and shoes. Your bed would situate right over the storage unit, in a floating style.

This beautiful under bed storage space is created by using Ikea Bookshelves, is it not creative? You can do the same, Ikea sells modular book shelves that can be used in the same way.

Small Bedroom Storage Ideas

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Storage Headboard with Concealed Side Storage Shelves

This wooden headboard featured secret storage shelves on the side that can be utilized  for storing books, clocks, and general bedroom accessories. Headboard top,placed against dark blue accent wall, is decorated with indoor succulent planters and bedroom lamps.

Small Bedroom Storage Ideas

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