Uba Tuba Granite Kitchen Countertops! Pairing Kitchen Cabinets with Ubatuba Countertops


Uba Tuba granite is known by many names, it is shortly called Ubatuba, and known with Verde Labrador, Butterfly Granite and Green Labrador as well. The natural color of this stone is very dark black, it create very mythical, mysterious and unique vibe when used in the kitchen, bathroom and anywhere else in the home.
Uba Tuba granite is mostly used for bathroom remodeling, for bathroom floors and countertops. However, in modern times, Ubatuba granite is commonly used for making kitchen countertops and backsplashes.

Colors of Uba Tuba Granite

Ubatuba Granite is very popular in Europe and America, It is quarried in Brazil. The stone bears very dark green tone on the surface that gives it an illusion of dark black stone in many cases. Ubatuba granite slabs also have very beautiful speckles of gold and variants of green colors in the veins which makes the stone very beautiful under lighting.
Uba Tuba granite colors make it perfect for all sorts of schemes, making it a good option for kitchen countertops, fireplace surrounds, luxury style vanity tops and table tops. Some interior designers match and mix Ubatuba Countertops with the stone walls in order to create a stone-age, rustic interior in the space.
If you want to have an old style vintage fireplace, you can have limestone fireplace wall and use Uba Tuba granite for making the mantel, it would be a perfect combo.

Uba Tuba Granite Kitchen Countertops

The quality of any stone and quartz does matter especially if it is to be used for the interior of bathroom, living room and kitchen. You cannot buy stones every day or have your kitchen countertops replaced every year, therefore, it is important to pick the right marble and granite for the area to make it functional and beautiful for ages to come.
Uba Tuba Granite countertops would add creative aesthetic to the kitchen space without your having to do a lot of tweaking in the area. The gold streaks of this quartz would come out alive when a modern style chandelier, pendant or lamp lighting hovers over the countertops. Any type of lighting would work in bringing up the deep texturization and colors present on Ubatuba Granite kitchen countertops.
At first glace, Uba Tuba kitchen countertops may appear to be bit dark, but it is not a big hassle if you pair them with the right kitchen furniture, cabinets, and appliances. In most cases, this quartz suit any style and theme of the kitchen interior when it is teamed up with great elements.
Ubatuba Granite is used for making luxury style countertops for both small and large spaced kitchen. You need to match the perfect backsplashes with it. This granite is available in slabs in leathered, polished and honed finish. It is more recommended for homeowners to opt for polished Uba tuba countertops for adding luxury vibe to the modern kitchen interior.

What Colors Cabinets go with Uba Tuba Granite Countertops

The most common question comes to mind when you Pick Ubatuba granite kitchen countetops is what colors should your kitchen cabinets be? The color of the cabinetry does matter in order to create the right sense of decor. Here are some options.
Simple wood cabinets of any material (cypress, bamboo, cherry wood, walnut teak and oak) would go well with Uba Tuba Granite countertops. The color of wood can be painted in light green shade, light white or cream shade.
Any cream colored kitchen cabinets with a tint of lighter yellow would make a perfect theme with the green-tone of Uba Tuba kitchen countertops in the kitchen interior.
If there are more specs of gold and metallic color in the layers of your Uba Tuba granite countertops, you choose light gold, beige and copper color kitchen cabinets to make the right theme for the kitchen decor.


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