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Kitchen is heart of home where people spend their most of time in meal, lunch and dinner preparation. There are effective kitchen storage solutions available in modern times, they are invented by talented interior designers who want to turn kitchen into a very comfortable workstation.

 Built-in Hutch In Kitchen

You can go for a concealed storage hutch in kitchen and organize it with your stainless steel appliances, cereal boxes, and electrical food processors. Kitchen organization is a big aspect of modern interior, it was a thing of time to keep appliances and accessories out. These days, it is better to have storage cabinets and hidden closets for storing kitchen accessories.

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Pull Out Drawers In Pantry Cabinets

These days you have plenty of storage options to keep your kitchen organized. You can greatly benefit from pull put storage racks, shelves and cabinets for keeping your kitchen well in order and organized. All culinary herb and spice jars can be stacked up in the right order within hidden kitchen organizer which feature pull out storage drawers.

Must-Have Kitchen Features

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Under The Sink Storage Cabinets

Modern kitchen interior feature a lot of storage space such as under the sink cabinets should solely be utilised for storing cleaning products and supplies. If you are running out space, you can use drawer divider within under the sink cabinets and store spoons,ladles, and stainless steel pans.

Must-Have Kitchen Features

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Recessed Kitchen Lighting

Lighting fixtures do add brightness inside the kitchen, however you choose to have some lights installed under the cabinets, working would be much easier. This kitchen hutch is built around the brick wall and it features a complete storage solution. However, some white cabinets have been added around the kitchen work station.

Must-Have Kitchen Features

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Corner Storage Drawers

With time the design of storage compartments and drawers are changing. Corner shelving racks can be added in one nook of the kitchen, you can display pottery, crocks, and mininature succulent flower plants over them. Pull out corner dividers can be very useful, you can allocate sections by putting storage dividers in them.

Must-Have Kitchen Features

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Faucet Above Cooktop and Stove

Modern interior designers believe in making kitchen as comfortable workstation as possible. You often need to fill your pots with water for slow cooking, if you install water faucet over the cooktop or stove area you would not have to move around a lot, carrying around water-filled heavy pots during cooking and baking.

Must-Have Kitchen Features

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Chopping Board with Trash Bins

I wrote an article on 3d butcher blocks and how features have been added on their designs. Now some interior designers do kitchen remodel very carefully by adding all necessary accessories that one would need while working in the kitchen. A pull put butcher block has been added in the kitchen and two trash bin containers/baskets are located under it to discard off fruit and vegetable peels instantly without having to run to finding the bin in the corner of the kitchen.

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Cottage Kitchen Storage

Narrow Pull Out Stove-Side Racks

Modular kitchens do feature very exquisite side racks on the side panels of stove, cook tops, and kitchen island. Even some have storage carts which features some corner racks along with hidden storage cabinets.

These cook-top side pull out storage shelving units provide excellent solution, you can store all cooking related accessories, spices, mason jars and herbs on them. No need to look through the kitchen cabinets to find out the herb you need during cooking process. You have easy access to every single herb and spice around the workstation.

Must-Have Kitchen Features

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Double Stainless Steel Sink

This is a very rustic farmhouse style sink style, featuring two vessels at a time. It could be a good addition for your modern or minimalistic kitchen makeover.

Must-Have Kitchen Features


Rustic Kitchen with Granite Countertops

Now note that the kitchen worktop is plain white around the sink. Different granite is installed over the worktop for making versatile interior whereas kitchen island has beige granite countertops. The colors go well with dark walnut kitchen cabinets. There is one skylight window over cathedral ceiling in the kitchen for providing sunlight to the workstation during day time.

Must-Have Kitchen Features

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