Vanilla Kitchen Cabinets Exude Elegance and Beauty to Kitchen Makeover

Elegant kitchen vanilla color cabinets dinning room table kitchen area rug

Vanilla Kitchen cabinets, sometimes known as French cabinets, are famous color of cabinetry used for modern, minimalist, and Mediterranean inspired kitchen makeover.

In majority of country style kitchen interior the most color used on cabinets, islands, and furniture is either white, snowbound white, cream and beige. Sometimes you should think of out box, put old traditional away and go for non-conventional interior elements for beautifying a space.

You might have heard of relaxing and free style kitchen decor, it allows you to use your creativity, crafts and ideas for a decorating a particular space. Vanilla cabinets are unique in color, they bear a very beautiful light yellow shade, which can blend well in all types of interior. However, if you want something different than vanilla color, you may go for yellow undertone color for kitchen cabinets.

What is Best Wood for Vanilla Kitchen Cabinets

The density and thickness of wood defines the quality of kitchen cabinets and furniture in any interior. Vanilla kitchen cabinets are available in maple wood, hard wood, plywood, oak , hickory, alder, and Teak. All people who have little knowledge about gauging the quality of cabinets believe that hickory and Alder are the best wood to be used not only for cabinetry, but also for kitchen table top, chair, break fast nook, and other pieces of furniture. However, vanilla kitchen cabinets are usually built with A grade or AA Premium plywood, maple and other wooden material that could stand the test of time.

Five Reasons to Choose Vanilla Cabinets

There are four reasons to choose vanilla cabinets for kitchen remodel and makeover.

  • Vanilla color is unique for kitchen cabinets compared to white washed, snowbound white and White dove colors that are so common in every second kitchen interior these days. You should go for different approaches to bring a change in the interior and that is only possible when you change decor trends yourself and replace them with your ideas.
  • The color of Vanilla kitchen cabinets unlike dark yellow, green and red can blend well with kitchen accessories, furniture items, and stove. You need not to be wary of color combinations, because hue of the cabinet is just light yellow, it is somewhere in between lighter shade of yellow and cream white. You would not have any difficulty in matching kitchen furniture items with Vanilla cabinets at any point of the interior.
  • Since the color of kitchen cabinetry is light in shade, you may go for gray, wood and dark cherry wood kitchen backsplashes. You need to figure out a way to tone down the interior by mixing dark and light colors.
  • Some homeowners love their kitchen makeover in light shades believing that it never messes up with mood and behaviour. Since this is the busiest working space in the entire home, it has to be peaceful without any fuss of dark walls and furniture accessories. It makes sense to great level; vanilla kitchen cabinets can just be matched with vanilla or light lime yellow walls for creating a nice makeover.
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