Waterfall Kitchen Countertops. Unique style Cascading Countertops for Kitchen Island and Worktop

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You might have seen enough of flat countertops which have been around for quite sometimes. Waterfall kitchen countertops, on the other hand, are very unique in design where marble, granite, onyx and stone do not stop at the end of the kitchen island, instead they fall down vertically in a waterfall style. These countertops can be installed on the end of the island. Different types of granite can be used for making, designing and installing waterfall countertops- new Caledonia, iceberg, Uba Tuba Tuba, New Venetian and Alaskan white granite are the most famous types to use for kitchen designing projects.

Are Waterfall Kitchen Countertops too trendy?

There are so many questions people ask about installation of riser Aka waterfall kitchen countertops such would this style of counter tops look better on their island and worktop area? First of all you need to know that waterfall style countertops are not too trendy; they are unique that would add elegance to your kitchen makeover without your having to put a lot of investment for the project.

Five Reasons to Opt for Waterfall Countertops for Kitchen Makeover

If you are getting your kitchen interior designed or redesigned, you can greatly benefit from the style of waterfall kitchen countertops. Here are five reasons as why you should include in the design of island and worktops.

Flow of Granite Stone Marble Quartz In Countertops

The very first reason is that waterfall countertops create a continued flow of marble, granite, onyx, wood and stone down to the floor from the edges of island or kitchen worktops. The design creates a uniform look in the interior without exaggerating the details.

Concealed Cabinets and Storage Space

If your island has storage, cabinet drawers and side shelves; waterfall kitchen island countertops would concealed all these compartments and give your kitchen an organized and cleaned makeover.

Visually Appealing Kitchen Design Aesthetics

The design of waterfall countertops add great aesthetic to even a very boring kitchen space interior. You have to figure out where they should be installed and what should be thickness; you should go for the style you desired in your required thickness but do not over do it. Most designers believe that all sorts of stone countertops look great on waterfall because of their edgy appearance.

Focal Point In Kitchen Interior

In most kitchens,waterfall countertops are utilized as kitchen island; it creates a focal point in the interior because of its placement. The space can further decorated with stone or granite backsplashes which have been used for the design of tops. These countertops can also be used at the end of wooden cabinet run, created a subtle effect of well-contained storage space.

Add-on Wooden Peninsula or Extended table

If your kitchen has some space; a peninsula or extended table can be added with design of wooden waterfall countertops in the kitchen. The same wood can be used for making table top of island and peninsula for creating a harmonized appearance.

Cost of Waterfall Countertops

Waterfall kitchen countertops are visually very appealing to be used for kitchen interior because they are cut from marble, stone, granite and onyx, which means they are available in different colors, styles and dimensions. The cost of these countertops depend on the style , thickness and material used on them.

Marble/Stone VS Wooden Waterfall Kitchen Countertops

Concrete and wooden waterfall countertops are cheaper compared to marble and granite. Bear in mind that style of material will dictate your kitchen interior, you can go for wood but you may have to tone it down by adding appropriate kitchen cabinets made with the same wood or else the style will have conflict.

Waterfall kitchen countertops most preferably be made of stone and granite it is due to the fact that you want to create a vertical waterfall down the edge the island or table and this design is better created with granite/stone for there are veins and streaks in the vertical pieces. These veins would go well with the vertical falling style of the table. Wooden waterfall countertops on the other hand are so blended, flat looking because walnut, oak or teak have very simple pattern. Unless you want to use a unique style wooden texture for waterfall you should consider using granite, onyx and stone countertops only.

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