What do groundhogs eat? Whistle-pig Food and Diet


As I was teaching some students about animals and their diet a kiddo stood up to ask me what do groundhogs eat? I had to conduct my own research on this topic to answer his questions.

If anyone asks you what are other names of Groundhogs, you can tell them these two names “Woodchucks” and “Whistle-pigs”, even these animals have nothing to do with the woods whatsoever, they are just called with this name.

The name woodchucks is chosen for groundhogs by Native Americans. These animals are known as whistle-pigs because they make a very sharp and high-pitched sound whenever they feel under threat. When they feel like other animals are preying on them they scream loudly and their voice sounds like a sharp whistling sound.

So let’s get to the puzzle and explore more, which one of these options are true.

What do groundhogs eats?

A:  Meat

B: Mushrooms

C: Plants and small birds

D: All of above

Correct answer:

The correct answer is C, the groundhogs are popular for their destructive behavior towards crops and gardens. They are herbivorous, therefore they eat crops, gardens and plants.  They are quite sneaky small squirrels that can ruin a full crop easily with their pack.

At times, these animals also prey on small birds and insects.

Why is option A incorrect?

The whistle-pings or groundhogs don’t eat meat or beef  because they love herbs and crops.

Why is option B incorrect?

These animals are not fond of mushrooms of any specie in particular.

Why is option D incorrect?

The option D is incorrect because the correct answer is option C.

There’s a list of the items that groundhogs eat and drink:

  1. Lettuce
  2. Clovers
  3. Dangelions
  4. Daisies
  5. Trees, leaves and twigs
  6. Black cherry
  7. Dog wood
  8. Vegetables such as peas, beans and carrots
  9. Fruits like cherries and apples
  10. Berries
  11. Small bugs and insects
  12. Snails
  13. Grasshoppers





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