What two colors make Purple color?

What two colors make purple colors

Have you ever wondered as how colors came into existence? Every color is different. If you mix two different colors you may get different hues and variations of one color.

There are total of seven colors in the rainbow: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. If you ever had the chance of seeing a rainbow after the rain you might have noticed the sequence of the colors. You never see orange color after purple color or blue after red.

I started painting when I was really young and learned the art of making one color by mixing two colors. The first lessons were about mixing colors. So I am going to ask you a simple question.

Which one of these two colors make purple color?

A: Orange and Red

B: Blue and Red

c: Green and Blue

D: All of above

Correct Answer:

The correct answer is B. Two colors that make purple colors are blue and red. By mixing different amount of red in the blue you can achieve different variants of purple family.

Option A:

The option A is incorrect because when you mix orange with the red color you get dark brown color or dark maroon color.

Option c:

Why is the option C is incorrect because when you mix green with the blue you get mustard color in the final results.

Option D:

The option D is incorrect because only one option is correction and that’s B.

What two colors make purple colors


This diagram shows how you can get dark violet color if you mix red with the blue color. Whether you have started doing oil painting or water coloring, you can simply try this technique out. Put different colors of red and blues together to make purple colors of varying intensity. The lighter purple can be made when you use the lighter red and lighter blue. When using water color you can add water to the colors to tone down the strength of the color itself.


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