Window Well Decoration. Landscaping, Gardening and Covers

Legend has it old architectural buildings always have one or two window wells, located on the exterior somewhere. The purpose of a metal, wooden or glass window well is to provide sunlight, air and oxygen to the basement area which is built under home.

Window Well Covers for Precautions

If there is a well connecting your basement with the exterior though glass or wooden, you need to cover window well by using some material to prevent accidental fall into basement. You must cover the well if you have kids, pets and children or elderly people who spend time on outdoor garden or patio.

Covering window well is also important from preventing them from liquid, water and mud build-up. It does not matter where you live, chances are you would see some unexpected rainfalls during some months of the years, for this time period, you need to cover the window well with good covers made of either polyethylene, steel, metal or aluminum  to keep it from debris, water, mud, dist and trash.

Aluminum, brass, and metal covers are known as window well grates, they are very durable for outdoor privacy and protection as well. Unlike any other material, steel grate covers would ensure that basement is secure from unwanted invasions during night time.

Window Well Decoration and Makeover

Most homeowners would agree that window well structures are somewhat outdated even though they have function of providing fresh sunlight to the exterior. These wells for the most parts are complicated, not very attractive to look at. You can definitely give them a great makeover by doing some landscaping around this area. Here are some ideas on how to hide ugliness of exterior window well.

Pour concrete and cement. Make a stone wall around the window, you can also use river rocks and some pebbles. Bordering around the area is done by using concrete stones.

Grow some culinary herbs around the area of landscape and make a brick privacy cover around the window well.


Plant some fresh and colorful flowers blooms to add aesthetic around outdoor window well covers. These covers are white; they are enhanced with the fresh flowers and green grass.


Just cover these exterior wells with thermoplastic polycarbonate or plastic covers that have some edginess and style.

Make wooden stairway entry to the basement by connecting the window with the stairs. Decorate the steps of the stairs with gravel, stones or river rocks. Use your own creative ideas



Make privacy borders around the window wells by using huge sized rocks and concrete blocks whatever you find easy to get your hands on.


Big stones and blocks for obstructing the pathway to the basement. You can create barriers to prevent invasions and intrusions by covering all the area around your window well. This one has glass doors so it has to be protected very well. The borders are even covering the sight of the structure from outside world, this is a smart way to add privacy to outdoor features.

A brick wall border would also be a great idea to cover up the basement window well.

Do some landscaping, gardening and plantations to make these basement wells look beautiful outdoor.

Make a vertical wooden or metal garden around not-so-attractive looking window well. You can have your mini-garden around the window if you do not have space elsewhere to hang some herb and terracotta planter pots. Use the cover as your hanging garden stand,






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