Wooden Pallet Wall Art For Farmhouse Wall Decor! Creative DIY Decor Ideas


What does come to mind when you think about farmhouse decoration? There are some subtle elements of farmhouse interior that always stand out, they include reclaimed wood furniture, wide and vivid pine furniture, edgy wrought iron accents, plywood/walnut floor planks, and retro accessories. Some people love using more of vintage accessories when they decorate wooden house interiors though.

DIY Farmhouse Wall Art

You can use wooden centerpieces, frames, and creative wall art accessories for adoring the walls of your farmhouse. Be as creative as you can, there are no limits and rules for you to follow. Remember that free style and relaxing decorative elements always make a space very inviting.

Wooden Puzzle Letter

The create way for farmhouse wall decoration is by mounting wooden letter puzzle blocks on the walls with a motivational quote. Wood pieces also come in various styles though. You can choose to have names of your family written on customised wooden letters and mount them around pictures frames for creative a festive art. Search for custom wood name initials to find out some great ideas.

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Repurpose Old Pallet Window

You can repurpose old furniture and reuse it for making creative wall art in your farmhouse living room or bedroom. Now this is an old pallet window which is mounted on the walls with a decorative star accents. You can pick any type of wooden accent for DIY wall art, as a good mirror, wooden arrow, primitive star, distressed wood picture frame, Scandinavian centerpieces, tree of life art or simply a good rustic themed wreath (not necessarily made with the fresh flowers).

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Wooden Clock For Farmhouse Wall Decor

Including one wooden clock would be a good way for decorating barren and boring walls of the home. You may get a tons of creative designs when it comes to picking rustic clocks. If you love creative interior, you may go for engraved, carved and painted wood time pieces, they are handmade normally, constructed with Oak, Cypress, walnut and bamboo.

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Wall Mounted Wine Shelf

You can make one wine shelf rack by repurposing reclaimed wooden pallets, however , there are so many styles available and sold online as well to help you with your farmhouse wall arts. You may mount this rack in the kitchen or in the living room near dinner buffet so you could be able to serve drinks directly from the room without having to go elsewhere.

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Wooden Mirror Wheels for Walls Art

Wooden wall art would evoke a very rustic interior in the room because of its natural texture. These wood pallet wheels can be mounted anywhere in the room, they have mirrors, so best placements would be farmhouse living room.

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Reclaimed Wood Picture Frames

Frames always add a great touch to the interior, not only can they be used for farmhouse wall decor but also on the side tables and fireplace mantels. Family photos shows affection, bonding and love between family members.Wooden wall frames look beautiful when they are surrounded with clocks, flowers and wall art accessories.

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Beautiful Wooden Calendar

This rustic pallet free calendar has very unique appearance. It has yarns separating the year on the board, going well with the natural essential elements of farmhouse theme decor. You may make one like this by using rustic wooden board and using chalk for writing the name of years on it. Attaching yards to the board would be so easy.

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Motivational Wood Letters on Rack

You can place any motivational wooden motif, frame and board with quote on a rustic rack like this. It would amplify the beauty of the walls. Two glass flower pots have been added on the sides for making a match with farmhouse interior.

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